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HeadShot_burnedGreetings, blog followers.  For the past several posts, I have been concentrating on current events and the way things are in the world and in our country.  I’ve decided the country is going to hell in a hand basket; too many of our politicians (in both major political parties)are either disingenuous or downright dishonest and corrupt. The same holds true  for many department head bureaucrats and the judiciary and there is nothing I can do about it, so I’m shifting gears a bit and going back to writing about the way things were in… Continue reading

A BIT OF NOSTALGIA—Fishin’ For Chubs—A preview of Stories to Come

HeadShot_burnedToday begins the preview series I spoke of in the  post that precedes this one; a series of short stories circa the 1940s decade.  This is another Buddy story, but this one is told in first person point of view instead of third, because it’s being told by a grown up Buddy.  I wanted, also, to test my skill at writing in first person.  I’ve always heard that first person narrative is more difficult.  So we’ll see how I do. Following is a preliminary unedited preview of things to come.… Continue reading

Pa Pa The Dunce–Episode II

HeadShot_burnedA few days ago, I wrote a segment about Pa Pa the Dunce concerning how my seven year old grandson was trying to teach me the intricacies of the Mine Craft games.  Well, this week we have—or rather, he has—moved on to “Star Wars Commander,”  again leaving Pa Pa at ye ole hitching post scratching his head.

He was showing me his training center where his warriors were getting there battle training.  “Unfortunately, Pa Pa,” he said, “my warriors need a little more training.  They aren’t doing so well.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” I … Continue reading

Black Friday Reminds Me of Ye Olde Carnival Barkers.

HeadShot_burnedGreetings, folks.  Well, another of those ludicrous Black Fridays is a week behind us. This phenomenon reminds me of  those old fashioned Carnival Barkers and their chants. “Step right up folks, step right up folks.  Try your luck at winning a valuable prize.”  About the only thing that I can see that has changed from that era and today’s Black Friday pitches, is the verbiage.

Now it’s,  “Come on in folks, come on in folks. Were open at midnight. Come inCarnival Barker and take advantage of these great deals. Last chance… Continue reading

Farewell My Love—A Soliloquy

HeadShot_burnedGreetings friends.  Back in the year 2000, Bill Corbett wrote a tribute to a dying friend that he had known all his life. I posted that tribute on this blog a couple years ago. With Bill’s permission, I’d like to share that piece with you once more.  I think it is even more  apropos today.  Bill has given me permission to edit it just a bit to more appropriately fit the times. One of those changes is to change it from a soliloquy to a pending obituary. So without… Continue reading

Pa Pa The Dunce

HeadShot_burned“Hey! Pa Pa, you wanna see what I’m making in Mine Craft?”

“Sure,” I say.

“Okay, Come on over here and I’ll show you.”

So I mosey on over and sit down beside him on the couch. With his controller in hand he begins the lesson.  He proceeds to show me the ropes of moving around in Mine Craft(or at least he thinks he’s  showing me the ropes). My 80 year old brain just doesn’t grasp this computer stuff and my eyes begin to glaze over after about the first three minutes.

His … Continue reading


HeadShot_burnedGreetings, Friends:

I’m mad as hell.  I’ve spent a very frustrating last two days trying complete a simple little task with my cell phone.  Let me take a few minutes to bring you up to date.   About ten years ago, give or take a couple, I signed up with Verizon wireless for cell phone service.  Lest you misunderstand me, I want to make it clear  that I have no complaint with Verizon.  Their service over the last few years has been very satisfactory.  My beef is with this … Continue reading


HeadShot_burnedGreetings, folks.  Well, I turned 80 last week,  and up until then I refused to admit that I was actually a senior citizen.  I had always maintained that designation was reserved for old people, but now I think it’s time to admit that maybe I am entering the ranks of an old codger.  I came to realize this while doing a little yard maintenance. I don’t have the strength or stamina I once had.  What used to weigh five pounds now feels like ten or fifteen pounds. My joints aren’t… Continue reading

A KAkISTOCRACY—What exactly is it?


The issues I’m going to discuss in this blog post are based on the situation as I see it in the United States.  Many persons will disagree with me, but I suspect many will also agree with my view of things.

Kakistocracy, noun:  A government where the worst of the worse are in power.  Have we morphed into a kakistocracy?

I think we have.

Let’s start with the top spot.  Do we have a man acting as our president whose so-called long form birth certificate  may be in question?  An official law… Continue reading

What Ever Happened to Thanksgiving?

Will Edwinson 2015

Note:  This is a reprint of a post I published a couple of years ago, but I think it’s still apropos today, so I’m running it again this year.

It’s hard for me to give up old traditions.  Am I the only one who has noticed that Thanksgiving seems to have been relegated to the Roast Turkeyback of the bus these days?  I remember the days when, November, not October, was the beginning of the holiday season.  First it was Thanksgiving to celebrate the God given bounties we enjoy in this country, and then… Continue reading

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