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America Ain’t What She Used Ta Be—A Guest Post by Rube

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings friends.  As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit remiss lately with my regular posts to this blog. Been rather busy getting my new novel ready for publication.  In the meantime, I’ve also been discussing some events with Rube that have been happening in the news these past few weeks.  He said he had some thoughts about how our country has changed in the last fifty or sixty years, and  asked me if he could make another post.  I said, “By all means, Rube.  Your insightful comments are always welcome.”  So here’s Rube.


Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy folks.  Durin’ one of  the presidential campaigns a little girl asked candidate Obama why he wanted ta be president.  His answer was, and I paraphrase, I want to be President because America isn’t what it used to be.  I reckon as how he’s certainly right about that,  so  I reckon as how I’ll speak directly to him in this post.

Mr. Chairman, there’s been a lot changes in America the last sixty years or so, and all of ’em ain’t been good, neither; and it’s been statists like you who are responsible for them changes.  A statist is someone who thinks their ideas are so good they have to be made mandatory.

But I remember an America when citizens were free ta ride around in their autos without seat belts. I remember an America when all us kids piled in the back of a pickup truck on our way to a picnic or to go fishin’.  Them actions might a been unwise, but at least we had the freedom ta  make the choice without “Big Brother” tellin’ us what we could or couldn’t do.  But them things started ta fall by the wayside durin’ the late 1960s and been a gittin’ worse ever year since. Nowadays we can be arrested fer the above mentioned actions.

I also remember an America, Mr. Chairman. when businesses were able to do business without the stifling regulations they operate under today—regulations that has caused increased prices for most of the goods and services to consumers over the years.

Mr. Chairman, I remember an America where if a corporation got into financial trouble, the people runnin’ those corporations wouldn’t a even considered turnin’ ta goverment fer a bailout because they knew it would be an exercise in futility.  They woulda been told it’s not the goverment’s responsibility to bail ‘em out.  Nowadays, the goverment and the unions take over control of them companies because they say “it’s fer the common good”—a favorite phrase of socialist progressive central planners like yerself.

I remember an America when our borders was sacrosanct, and we enforced our immigration laws; a time when we protected our sovereignty, and turned illegal entries back at the border.  Nowadays, it seems we’re encouragin’ them Central  American countries to send ’em here by the bus load..

I remember an America where soldiers were decorated for killin’ our sworn enemies.  Nowadays, prisoners of war are mollycoddled, and we apologize to our enemies and put our soldiers on trial for killin’ our enemies.

I remember an America when the health care system in this country operated on the free market system and citizens could actually afford ta pay fer their medical insurance and treatments out of their own pockets.  Then entered Medicare and Medicad, and medical costs soared inta outer space.  Now I reckon as how the goverment wants ta take full control of health care sos we can have the same great care as them folks in England, Canada, and Cuba, with a six to eighteen month wait fer certain treatments; a system where elder citizens may be denied healthcare because they’re deemed too old. No sir, Mr. Chairman, America sure ain’t what it used ta be.

I remember an America when the second amendment to the Constitution was sacrosanct; that it was considered the duty of every American to own a firearm fer his own pertection, especially from the goverment.  This is still true in Switzerland today, and Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.  The crime rates in England and Australia has increased several fold since they outlawed the ownership of guns by private citizens.

Little by little over the years our liberties have been taken away with very little outrage from citizens about this erosion. Why ain’t there been no outrage? By meekly standin’ by, we have authorized a de-facto repeal of the Bill of Rights, if you will, in the name of typical nanny-state jargon, “it’s fer our own good.”

Yes, sir, Mr. Chairman, you are right.  America isn’t what it used to be.  You promised change.  Well, I reckon has how in the last five and half years,  you’ve effected a lot of that.  In the first hundred days of your reign, your regime and the present Congress ordered the government take-over of two of the largest car manufacturers in the world.  The figure I heard, recently, was that the U.S. goverment and the unions now own 89% of General Motors,  and 55% of Chrysler. I reckon as how it’s gonna be real interestin’  to watch the circus when the union bosses try to negotiate wage contracts with them union workers of those two companies.  Ya, see, Mr. Chairman,   management and labor will be drinkin’ from the same trough.  I reckon as how the goverment  has opened Pandora’s Box with that deal.  Then what’s next, goverment ownership of the financial institutions, and eventually all businesses in the country?

Under your regime, Mr. Chairman, I reckon as how America is rapidly becomin’ a full-fledged oligarchy(government by the few), and then a monarchy(sumpreme power held by one person).  God help us. I reckon as how we have just passed from the apathy phase of Alexander Tytler’s circle of bondage scenario to the dependency phase.  Next comes bondage.

No, sir, Mr. Chairman, America sure ain’t what she used ta be.  And I reckon as how if we don’t toss this Pop Culture entitlement  thinkin’ aside, and get back to good old fundamental thinkin’ and stressin’ self-reliance, Lady Liberty is close to drawin’ her last breath.  Statue of LibertyI love my country; I fear my government.  Will our flag which is pictured below U. S. Flagleft continue to be a symbol of liberty and freedom  in America, or will we eventually trade it for one like the flag pictured below featurin’ Marixism with the picture of some supreme ruler next to Karl Marx.  Only time, and the decisions we make in the immediate future will tell.

See ya next time,



Karl Marx Flag

Well, there you have it, folks.  The latest thoughts from Rube.  I also want to mention to those of you who are fans of Western novels to  stay tuned to this blog for the latest about my new upcoming novel LouIsa–Iron Dove of The Frontier.  I anticipate it will be out in late Fall or early winter. I think you will like LouIsa.  She is a mix of a crusty cowgirl who wrangles cattle with the best of cowboys, and the refinement of a Vassar graduate who plays classical piano in Western frontier saloons and actually gets the cowboys to enjoy it.  She was also, real life, married to Morgan Earp. She’s also a crack shot with her modified .38 caliber six shooter, as one rowdy drunk, to his dismay, discovered..

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