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America and the Republican Party have lost their way. A Guest Post by Rube


Greetings fellow blog followers.  Well Rube is back with some more of his homespun philosophy.  So without further ado, I’ll turn the remainder of this blog over to him.  Enjoy.

Howdy folks.  Well I’m back with  another post on this  blog of Will’s.  Let me start out by  sayin’ I was once proud to be a Republican—that’s Republican with a cap’tal R, meanin’ I was a member of the Republican Party—but not no more.  GOP used to stand fer Grand Old Party, a party of the people.  Now I reckon it stands fer Greedy Ol’ Politicians just like the Democrats.  They’re all  lookin’ to hold on to their cushy jobs, and  I would allow as how there ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties no more.

I’m still mighty proud to be a republican, but not a Republican.  Republican with a litte r means I favor smaller gov’ment.  I ain’t left the Republican Party; it left me. Ya see, that feller Thomas Jefferson who is credited with bein’ the father of the Demacrat Party was a republican.  He believed in a limited gov’ment operatin’ under heavy Constitutional restraints. I would allow as how them are my same feelins’ too. Our gov’ment is  gitten too big.

You remember in 1994, when them Republicans with their promise to reduce the size of gov’ment, took control of the U.S. House of Representatives fer the first time in more’n forty years?  Later, they even gained control of the U.S. Senate, too–fer a brief period.  We limited gov’ment folks hailed them  victories as an opportunity to finally get our country back on track, but I have to say, our joy was all fer nuthin, tho.  In 2000, them Republicans in Congress began to lose their way, and they been wanderin’ in the wilderness ever since.

They made the mistake of buyin’ into the notion that the way to win elections was to adopt the ways of them Demacrats and start bringin’ home the pork;  which is exactly what they done.  Seems as how they got caught up in that  “Earmark” big spendin’ idee of Washington Demacrats.  This cost ‘em dearly; the result bein’ the recent elections has put ’em back to minority status—if not in total numbers, then in effectiveness .  Many conservative voters felt they was betrayed, and while they didn’t vote fer a Demacrat, they didn’t vote for any of them RINOs, neither( A RINO is a Republican In Name Only).  I reckon as how they didn’t bother to vote for nobody.

It seems to me, if’n we want to admit it or not, we’re slowly turnin’ into a one party nation.  Both parties although operatin’ under different names, are legislatin’ and governin’ basically the same way.  Both are bent on steerin’ the United States toward European style social democracy—a fancy name fer socialism.

I’m tellin’ ya , folks, anybody with a tiny bit of basic economic knowledge and common sense knows a nation can’t spend its way into prosperity, just the same as a individual business or a family can’t spend themselves into prosperity, neither.  There’s always a day of reckonin—an to my way a thinkin, ours as a nation, ain’t that far away.  What Mr. Obama is suggestin’ fer America ain’t sustainable, and the Republican Party needs to get back to its roots and bring to the fore, the idees that made this country great—low taxes, limited gove’ment spendin’, and minimal regulation.  They need to explain to the American people that higher taxes, and especially those levied against the rich, don’t in fact, increase revenues to the treasury. What they do, is actually cause revenues to stagnate, or to even decrease.  The Republican Party has been miserably lax in puttin’ forth that message.  And if’n they don’t git back to their roots real soon, I reckon they’ll be a dead Party.

Human nature says that when tax rates git too high, the producers shut down.  They take on the attitude: “What’s the use, we work hard to create more jobs, or make more money, and the gov’ment penalizes us”.  On the other hand, the lower tax rates that President Reagan convinced Congress to implement, actually doubled revenues to the U.S. Treasury because people was allowed to keep more of what they earned and produced.   That actually increased more production.

President Kennedy—even though he was a Demacrat—understood this principle, and he convinced them politicians in Congress to lower taxes. President Reagan’s problem was that with the increased revenues produced by lower tax rates, them Democrats  that controlled Congress reneged on their promise to cut spendin’ and  they increased gov’ment spendin’ instead.  This caused more deficits, and poor old President Reagan got blamed fer ‘em.

Just to show you how out of kilder things are gitten, a few days ago, a radio talk show host conducted “a man on the street” survey.  He questioned a young woman who said she was 24 years old.  After hearin’ her answers he said it sounded like what she was advocatin was: “everyone receivin accordin to his need; and everyone contributin’ accordin to his ability.”  She said, “yes, that is basically what she was sayin’.”  Then he asked her if she knew who the feller was that first said them words.  She said she didn’t.  He told her it was Karl Marx.  She said, “who is Karl Marx?”  I swear, folks, if this kind of historical ignorance indicates where we are today, that’s purty scary and I reckon we’re in a heap of trouble.

Now if’n I got you all upset and you need a little relaxin’  why not go to upper right on this page and click on the free download button to git yer free copy (while they last) of Will’s book Buddy…His Trials and Treasures.  It’ll at least lower yer blood pressure for ‘o couple hours anyways.  See ya nex time.


Rube image by Lori Corbett -Third Raven Design- lcorbett@cableone.com.

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