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America is Standin’ On The Edge Of a Deep Chasm—A Guest Post by Rube Part I

Edited Photo 06 Greetings, friends.    In light of what’s ben happening in our country these  past four or five years, and around the world the past few weeks,  Rube has some reflections he’d like to share with you.  So here’s Rube.





??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Howdy folks.  This is gonna be kind of a long post on account of I got a lot to talk about, so  I reckon as how I’ll break it up into two parts.  Part II will be comin’ on Friday.

This blog of Will’s has mostly been about nostalgia, and  when we talk about nostalgia, we like to look back at the past with fond fuzzy memories.  But I reckon as how when we look back, we also need to look at history, on account of those who ignore history are doomed to relive it.

When we hear all them liberals talkin’ about the so-called new hope and change that Obama feller has been promisin’,  I’m a  wonderin’  how many of us is thankful for what  this country has brung us in the way of freedom and opportunity since its beginnin’ in 1789; or are we more thankful fer them so-called goverment freebies that we think is our  birthrights?  Like that feller Esau in the Bible, I reckon as  how we’ve been tradin’ our children’s, our grand-children’s, and our great-grandchildren’s birthrights, for a bowl of lintel soup.

I remember our coffee klatch was meetin’ one day a few weeks after that Obama feller got elected the first time.  Old Jake Doonuttin was a gloatin’ over Mr. BO’s win, sayin’ their was  goona be big change in the country on account of that BO feller bein’ elected.   I’m  here to tell ya, folks, that was one of the few things old Jake and me agree on.  “You’re right about that, Jake,” I said, “but I reckon as how even you won’t like the change.”

I said to Jake, “You’d better hope and pray,Mr. Obama and his administration and this Congress  fails in their agenda.  The course they is chartin’ fer the country ain’t no good.   They think free-enterprise capitalism—what made this country the best country on earth—is  selfish and greedy;  and they’re gonna try to  replace  it with what they think is ‘benevolent, fair’ central plannin’ socialism.”  I told Jake if they succeed, it will  change our country forever and make it one that not even he would want to live in.

I told him to remember the followin’ words:  “a free people, if they wanna stay free,  don’t turn to their government for help; instead, I reckon as how they run as far and as fast from government aid as they possibly can.

Jake said, , “Oh, c’mon, Rube you can’t really believe that. That’s just a bunch of baloney”

Well, folks, old Jake might think it’s a bunch baloney, but I don’t put much stock in what he thinks, anyhow, on account of  he’s one of them low information voters, but the country has changed, folks.  We’re six trillion dollars deeper in debt than we was (that’s six thousand times a billion dollars, folks incase your wonderin’) and our credit  rating has dropped from AAA to AA.   And Congress (both them Democrats and Republicrats) is just as much to blame as that feller Mr. BO  on account of they’re too timid to stand up to him.  It seems as how they want bigger more intrusive goverment as much as he does.

And look at what Mr. BO and his administration, and Congress has done with General Motors.  The government shoulda never bailed GM out in the first place.  But when they did, the goverment took control of the company, fired the CEO and replaced him with a person of their choosin’. Now I’m not sayin’ the previous CEO shouldn’ta  been replaced on account of he mighta made some bad decisions that run the company  into near bankruptcy, but it wasn’t the  goverment’s business to replace him.

That’s just one step short of nationalizin’ one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world; a rotten kettle of fish, if’n you ask me. And what’s gonna be more interestin’ is when them  labor negotiations come up agin.  Ya see, folks, if’n I got it straight, part of that takeover included givin a majority of the GM stock to the labor unions.  Now that’s gonna be an interestin’ kettle of fish when the labor union starts negotiatin’ with itself over wages and benefits, because, ya see, labor (the union) and the majority stockholder (the union) will  both be drinkin’ from the same trough.

Obama also promised in his campaign rhetoric, that under his administration, any one makin’ less that $250,000 per year would not see a tax increase, but that Obamacare is implementin’  all kinds of new taxes, and  I reckon as how he ain’t  heard of the vicious inflation tax, neither.  Under his policies of more goverment spendin’ (on borrowed money)I’m envisionin’  1921-1924  Germany happenin’ right here in these United States(we was  on the edge of it during them Carter years).

Remember them disastrous Carter years? I’d like to share some memories of mine of that time.  Memories where the price of items on store shelves was bein’ increased ever week on account of wholesale prices were increasin’ faster’n  the merchants could sell them items retail. I remember a homebuilder in Soda Springs tellin’ me he couldn’t guarantee a bid on a new home fer more’n’ a week because materials costs was a goin’ up so fast.  That sorta thing will have a devastatin’ effect on every livin’ soul in this country; includin’ them low-income earners and retirees.  Yep, I reckon as how we’re about fall off the edge into that deep chasm, folks.

(more to come on Friday)–-See ya then, folks.


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Rube’s image courtesy of Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design – lcorbett@cableon.net.

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