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America Is Standing On The Edge Of A Deep Chasm—A Guest Post by Rube Part II

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Howdy Folks.   Well I’m back with part II of where we left off  at the first of the week. I reckon as how them elitist Progressive politicians (both Democrats and Republicrats) with their fancy Ivy League college degrees has really got us in a heap of trouble.  I also reckon as how things got started on the down hill trek around 1912 on account of them Progressives beginnin’ to get control of things.  Them Progressives are a patient bunch,  too, folks.  They knowed if’n they pushed too hard all at oncet the people wouldn’t go fer it, so they took their time givin’ us little spoonfuls at a time of socialism .

In spite of their mischief, things wasn’t too awful bad fer a few years,    Fer all practical purposes, in spite of World War II, life was purty decent in them days of the forties and fifties.  Family and  honesty, and old traditions was still intact, and life wasn’t all that uncomfortable, neither .  Most people had central heatin’ in their homes, hot and cold runnin’ water; deep freezers were just comin’ on the scene, and automobiles and trucks was reasonably reliable. Exceptin’ fer the IRS, there was a heap less goverment intrusion into our lives, there wasn’t much inflation and people didn’t have the mentality of suin’ everbody  a tryin’ to git somethin’ fer nothin’.

Life here was generally good all the way up through the ’50s,  but then I reckon as how the good life peaked out at about the end of the 1950s when them Progressives started to push their agenda harder  startin’ in the sixties, and I reckon as how in spite of all the technical so-called progress we have today,  thing’s has been on a down hill slide ever since, if’n ya ask me.

Now I love this great and beautiful country, folks, and I often ask m’self: “How did we git ourselves into get into this current perdicament?”  I think it’s on account of too many of us fell into them Progressives’ trap of thinkin’ another law would solve another problem,  so we started pushin’ for more laws, and we have turned the blessin’ of “rule of law” into a tyrannical curse, and I reckon as how we have too many bureaucracies a fightin’ fer power.   We got so many laws and regulations we can’t even keep track of ’em, and I reckon has how most of them politicians don’t pay no attention to some  of the same laws themselves that they voted fer.

Another thing that scares me is that durin’ the 2008 campaign I heard on the radio part of a interview with that Mr. Obama feller.  He said he reckoned as how the Constitution is a document of negative values that clearly specifies what the government cannot do against the people, but don’t say nothin’ about what the goverment can or must do for the people.  In that same interview, he  reckoned as how the president had the authority through executive order to make changes to the Constitution.  That kind of rhetoric, on account of that news reporter who was doin’ the interview didn’t challenge him on that remark, tells me how Constitutionally illiterate the news people  and other people are.  That scares the bejeebers out of me,  folks.  When a goverment promises and tries to be all things to all people, be wary on account of big trouble lies just around the corner.  Goverments ain’t  benevolent, folks, on account of everthing government does has a price tag tied to it.

 I reckon as how that Obama feller is dead wrong about the Constitution, too.  The Constitution does specify what the goverment can and must do for the people.  It specifies that goverment must get out of the way and let the peole do what they can  do for themselves within the bounds of reasonable law. It was designed to protect the people from a tyrannical government.  Some times I git to thinkin’ that Obama feller thinks he was elected King. The Foundin’ Fathers didn’t want no rulers in the government.  They set it up so as the people would rule government; not the other way around.  Now, ta my way of thinkin’, them Progressives has been tryin’ to change all that.

As I see it, America is teeterin’ on the edge of a deep chasm, from which there ain’t no way out.  The freedoms the Foundin’ Fathers set up fer us are bein’ taken away one by one. I’ reckon as how we need some powerful change in this country to pull us back before we fall off the edge, but not the kind of change that Mr. Obama feller is pushin’ for.  We need to bring back limited government and power to the people; the original principles of the foundin’ fathers.  They feared an all-powerful government, and so should we.  Old Jake Doonuttin don’t think so, though, but I can understand why he thinks that way.  I reckon as how he’s been livin’ off the govermnent fer nigh on to sixty years now, but what old Jake don’t realize is, when everbody starts livin’ off  the government like that BO feller says we’re entitled to, there won’t be nothin’ left fer nobody.

See ya’ll next time.


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Rube’s image courtesy of Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design – lcorbett@cableon.net.

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