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There are too Many Republicrats in the Republican Party—America needs a 2nd Major Political Party

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings, folks:

This post ran last July about the time the primary season started, but in light of the tone of the primary elections, I think it bears a second go around.

I think America needs a new major political party—not a third party, but a real, and viable, 2nd party.  The problem in American politics today is that we are living under the delusion that we have a two party system; but the reality is, we have a quasi two party system with a few splinter parties; and we have only one major political party operating under two different names—Republican and Democrat.

Over the past fifty years, ever since it adopted the “big tent” philosophy, the Republican Party has been drifting further and further to the left.  The establishment Republican Party has long since ceased to be the party that I knew in my younger days. It has morphed into a party of RINOs (Republicrats) who no longer hold to the conservative principles of smaller limited government embraced by the old GOP. In my estimation, it’s morphed into a party of “good ol’ boy” professional politicians with self-interests rather than the interests of the country as a whole.

As one prominent talk radio host puts it, the current establishment Republicans favor a larger and more pervasive government, the same as Democrats do. The only difference is, they [the establishment Republicans] want to be the ones in charge of that larger and more pervasive government.

The establishment Republican Party  has become a party of disingenuous wimps who are afraid of their own shadows, caving in to Progressive Socialist Democrat demands at every turn.   The people elected quite a few real conservatives at the last election who embrace Constitutional principles, and what did the establishment Republican leadership [RINO/Republicrats] in Congress do? They bullied, excoriated, and punished these new freshman legislators for trying to fulfill the campaign promise they ran on for  election. The establishment  RINO/Republicrats in Congress became the “wicked” stepmother and stepsisters, and these new members of Congress were treated the same way the wicked stepmother and stepsisters treated  Cinderella.

RINO/Republicrat leadership [John Boehner]came forward right after the election, and said: “the people have spoken, and we will listen.” Yeah, they sure did. After Congress reconvened, they gave BO and his minions exactly what they wanted in a continuing resolution for funding government programs instead of standing firm and pushing back. That was the time to do a de-facto  repeal of Obamacare. Obamacare is not just about healthcare.  Those who have taken the time  to read the law in its entirety say there are numerous hidden dangers to our free republic lurking there. True, they didn’t have the votes to overcome BO’s sure veto of a full repeal, but they could have defunded Obamacare, and that would have effectively repealed it for now until such time that another president might sign on to a full repeal. That’s just one opportunity they had for demonstrating that they had some backbone.

That was the time to show the people that they were willing to practice what they preached in their campaigns, but RINO/Repulicrat leadership didn’t do that. Instead, they tucked their  tails between their legs and wimped out. They’re afraid of their own shadows; and if they were honest, they  would admit they don’t support original GOP  principles of limited government.

Another example of the present members of Congress not upholding the Constitution is the Iranian arms deal.  The U.S. Senate, under the Constitution, is supposed to ratify all foreign treaties.  It looks like the present Congress is going to let this latest deal with Iran stand without Senate approval (or the RINO/Republicrats in the Senate will join with the Democrats and rubber stamp it).  They will dub it a non-treaty which doesn’t require senate ratification.They seem willing to accept the fact that when the U.N. ratified it, it became binding on the U.S.  Then what about the onslaught of the Constitution by the acting president.  Many have stated that he has committed impeachable offenses which may warrant a Senate trial, but the RINO/Republicrats in Congress just look the other way, afraid of reprisal from the liberal media and liberals in general.

They talk the good talk, but don’t walk the walk. So I say it’s time for us constitutionalists to bid the current so-called Republican Party sayonara, and put this country back to a real two party system in place of the quasi system we now have, by building a new constitution based party.

It has now reached the point where the two current major political parties need to officially merge into one party similar to the merger of the two major labor unions, AFL – CIO, several years ago.   They could combine their two names and call themselves the Republicrat Party(made up of RINO/Republicrats and the left wing extremist liberal Democrats).

Repulicrat Logo

Republicrat Logo

We conservatives should leave the merged Republicrat Party and organize a new 2nd party.  Since most of us real conservatives believe in adhering to the principles and tenets of the U.S. Constitution, perhaps we should  think about building on the present Constitution Party to grow it into  the second major American political party.

Legendary Phoenix II

New political party Logo

We could adopt as our party logo, the legendary bird the Phoenix, since that bird represents a new birth.  We would be starting a whole new birth of, not only a new viable political party, but the rebirth of Constitutional government in the United States.

Something worth thinking about.  It’s my belief that if we continue down the current path we will fall into an abyss that we may not be able to ascend from short of another major revolution.

Maybe that’s what we need to wake us up. because there are too many of us who are asleep at the switch.



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