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In a few days we will again celebrate our independence from the bondage of England. I wonder how many more of these celebrations we have left before we are back in bondage.

Alexander Tytler IIAlexander Tytler had a theory about democracies, or free governments, that he likened to a circle of bondage. It is written that he didn’t have much faith in democracies; that he was more of a monarchist himself. He was writing at the time about Athenian democracies. Little did he realize how profound his writing would be regarding the United States in describing our evolution from freedom back into bondage. He wrote that this circle evolves in eight stages from spirituality, to courage, to freedom, to prosperity, to selfishness, to apathy, to dependence, and back to bondage. This cycle, he wrote, occurred over a period of about 250 years.

I have a theory of my own that ties in somewhat with that of Tytler. Since the time of 1st Samuel in the Bible when the people cried out to God for a king, the world has moved several times from ruler’s law to a form of peoples’ law, back to ruler’s law, back to peoples’ law, etc. During the years 1777 to 1789, God helped the Founding Fathers of this country put together the best form of peoples’ law ever devised, and this country was blessed and became “a shining beacon on the hill” for the world to observe.

Tytler wrote that when people discover they can vote themselves (through their so-called representatives) largesse from the public treasury, is when democracies begin their ultimate demise. We in America, like the Biblical Esau, have been trading our birthright for bowls of lintel soup for the past one hundred years. I believe we have reached the dependency stage of Tytler’s circle of bondage.

TitanicAmerica is the Titanic of free governments, the one many believe to be unsinkable. I believe God knew when He helped craft this great nation, that due to human nature, it was destined to fail someday. I also believe He picked an era close to the end of days to set this government up. It would be the last bastion of peoples’ law in this dispensation. Whoever is elected our next president, whether it be the Madam Dame Hillaryor Trump, she, or he, will be elected captain of the Titanic. I believe the American Titanic will hit the The Donaldiceberg sometime during their administration. There is no stopping it; it’s fated to happen in my view. I don’t know how long it will take for this once great ship of state to sink. I’m beginning my ninth decade here on planet Earth, so I don’t know if I’ll be around when Lady Liberty finally settles into her ultimate grave.

Wow! Such pessimism you are probably thinking. Maybe, but I prefer to think of it as realism. History has a way of repeating itself. I also take the writings in the Bible to be the inerrant word of God, which means the end times are coming—and are real. Maybe not for a thousand years (a thousand years in our time, is but a day in God’s time) but they will surely come, and there will be much tribulation for mankind between now and then, because the scriptures tell us that in the last days, the Devil will have his reign.

Oh…and one last thing; liberal politicians tell the people that if they will elect them to government, they will create a utopia here on earth. Only fools believe that. Such a fete is beyond the ability of miniscule little pipsqueak mankind to achieve.

Have a nice day.

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