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Americans Have Been Makin’ Too Many Decisions Based on Emotion—A Guest Post by Rube

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings fellow bloggers.   Rube is back with another of his straight forward, down to earth posts.   He has a way of cutting through the chaff and gets right to the wheat.  So without further ado, here is Rube.





http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Howdy folks. The other day at our regular coffee klatch meetin’, I was tellin’ the gang that I heard someone state in a radio broadcast that it was goverment’s responsibility to provide a comfortable life fer the people.  I reckon as how I might be able to agree with him, but not in the sense that he meant. I believe, the same as the Foundin’ Fathers; that goverment’s responsibility is to provide the means fer the people to create their own comfort.  By this, I mean it’s the goverment’s responsibility to provide pertection from foreign invaders;  provide police pertection,  fire pertection, and infrastructure such as roads, bridges, etc., and enact laws that allow fer orderliness, but exercise restraint  ever where else.

Old Jake Doonuttin believes as how it’s goverment’s responsibility to provide “cradle to grave” benefits.  I don’t agree with that kinda thinkin’.  We are a country founded on rule of law, but I reckon as how that rule of law was meant to be our protector,  but if’’n  we  give too much power over to govement,  it becomes our master.  The rule of law that our Foundin’ Fathers set forth was to pertect us from our goverment; not make us slaves to it.  I was a readin’ where someone once wrote–and I wish I could remember who the feller was that wrote it. It goes something like this: that the miracle which made America great in the beginnin’, was that she brought forth a breed of human bein’ noted fer its desire to do the right thing because common decency and common sense dictated common standards of conduct.  Because of this, each generation rose higher and higher on the ladder of civilization with genuine and lastin’ results.  Them early Americans  didn’t believe in a whole pack  of regulations and so-called “entitlement oriented” social legislation by gov’ment, because they understood it was an endangerment to freedom.

I reckon as how we have drifted away from that philosophy.  The phrase, “there ought to be a law,” took over our thinkin’ with the result bein’ a barrage of regulatory laws entered onto the books.  The passin’ of one law invariably leads to the need of more laws, which leads to more regulation.  We’ve been caught up in a dangerous cycle, folks.  I believe we’ve become lazy and adopted the notion that it’s easier to let the gov’nment solve our problems.   It’s almost as though we worship gove’ment more’n we worship God. So much so, in fact, that I reckon the rule of law ain’t no longer our protector, but is rapidly becomin’ our master.

Rule of law can be both a blessin’ and a curse, if ya ask me.  Under the principles set forth in our Constitution, and if we stick to what that feller I quoted above said, it can be a blessin’.  But when we allow ourselves to become wards of the state, which is what I believe is happenin’ in America today with our hue and cry for more regulatory laws callin’ for more goverment benefits and entitlements, it becomes a curse.  I reckon as how we better remember that goverments are never benevolent, folks.  The Foundin’ Fathers understood that.  They understood that if’goverments ain’t restrained, they  evolve into slave masters; and that human nature bein’ what it is, laws which in the beginnin’  that were sold with the intent of helpin’ the masses,  I’m thinkin’ will very likely in the end, enslave the masses.

I reckon as  how we Americans took a wrong fork in the road many years ago and we’re on a very dangerous journey.  I’m a thinkin’ we’re rapidly approachin’ a point in our history where our encroachin’ “rule of law” will eventually enslave us.  The blessing of rule of law only works when a people have a strong moral base and a strong sense of self-reliance.

And you know what else I’m a thinkin’ folks?  The Good Lord separated us from the lower Primates and other species by givin’ us a brain ta think and reason with.  I know He wants us to be aware of other people’s feelins’ and look out fer our fellow man, but He wants us to also use that thinkin’ part of our brain, too.  If’n ya ask me, I think we Americans has been makin’ too many decisions lately based on emotion, instead of reason and common sense.

In closin’, I’ll say this.  To those who believe the goverment should be a doin more to “help” the people in ever aspect of their lives, from cradle to grave: “be very careful of what you lobby fer.  You may git what them politicians refer to as unintended consequences—and that ain’t good.”

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See ya next time,


Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design – lcorbett@cableone.net.

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