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An Afternoon In The Old Tin Lizzie

Tin Lizzy

The Tin Lizzy

As I perused another past issue of Reminisce Magazine, I came across a few stories about the Model T Ford—affectionately referred to in its heyday—as the “Tin Lizzie.” This brought back memories of an afternoon experience of mine with one of those “legendary” autos.

When I was a small boy living in the small village of Grace, Idaho during the 1940s, there was a teen-age boy who had access to a Model T. This car fascinated us younger boys, because even compared to 1940s vintage cars, this T seemed like a relic, and we had been itching for a ride in it. In spite of its antiquity, the T had one feature that was ahead of its time; the transmission.

I wonder if Henry Ford and his engineers had any idea how close they were in those days of the early 1900s to the automatic transmission.  I think my friend’s car was one of the later models (perhaps 1925) because it had a hard top. Most of the “Ts” we see pictured in magazines today are the earlier cloth top varieties, but they all featured the same transmission and drive train, from the first one produced, to the last.

This particular T  must have been equipped with a rumble seat also, because as I remember it, there were six or seven of us on the tour that day(four scrunched in the front seat, three in the rumble seat) . Well, anyway, as I mentioned earlier, we younger boys had been bugging our older friend for a ride in his runabout and he finally agreed one afternoon to take us for a tour of the surrounding countryside. A tour that was filled with many frustrations and challenges.

The full story of this adventure is included in my little book entitled Buddy…His Trials and Treasures.  If you click on the free download button in upper right of my homepage, you can obtain a copy of the prologue and the first three complete adventures. The book is also available for purchase at www.amazon.com

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