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An Open Letter to Republicrat John Boehner

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Greetings folks.  I have an interesting topic to discuss today.

Bill Corbett received a letter from House Speaker John Boehner a while back.  In that letter the Speaker was making a pitch for Bill to send the  National Republican Congressional Committee a donation for the purpose of electing conservatives to Congress in the next election (which is an oxymoron of sorts; a liberal Republicrat making a plea for conservatives).   Included in the Speaker’s letter was a personal check in the amount of $100.00 made out to the National Republican Congressional Committee, supposedly from his campaign fund, that he pledged to send to the committee along with Bill’s donation.

Bill  wrote a response to Speaker Boehner which I am going to share with you readers now. Here is that letter.

Dear Mr. Speaker:

This is an open letter to you in response to a pitch letter you sent to me a few weeks ago.

Let me begin by offering a correction to your letter in which you referred to me as a key Republican in my area. I am a key republican, but I am not a key Republican Party Republican. The establishment Republican Party has long since ceased to be the party of conservatives that I knew in my younger days, and I find it disingenuous of you in trying to pass yourself off as a conservative. The Republican Party has drifted to the left and morphed into a party of Republicrats who no longer hold to the conservative tenets of smaller limited government embraced by the old GOP. In my estimation, it’s a party of “good ol’ boy” professional politicians with self-interests rather than the interests of the country as a whole.

As one prominent radio show host puts it, the current establishment Republicans favor a larger and more pervasive government, the same as Democrats do. The only difference is, they {the establishment Republicans} want to be the ones in charge of running that larger and more pervasive government.

The Republican Party, or perhaps a more appropriate name would be the Republicrat Party, has become a party of disingenuous wimps who are afraid of their own shadows, caving in to Progressive Socialist Democrat demands at every turn.   As I see it, you, yourself, are no leader, Mr. Speaker. In my view you are a recreant, a liar, and a bully.  These are not the qualities of a leader. The people elected quite a few real conservatives this last election and what do you do, you excoriate those legislators and treat them like the “red-headed step kids”. It’s your way or the highway. I believe you are in no sense of the word a true conservative. You are worse than a RINO; you are a CINO (conservative in name only).

Right after the last election, you came forward and said “the people have spoken, and we will listen.” Yeah, you sure did. Right after Congress reconvened, you gave BO and his minions exactly what they wanted in a continuing resolution for funding government programs instead of standing firm and pushing back. That was the time to show the people that you were willing to practice what you preach, but you didn’t do that. Instead, you demonstrated your cowardice, and  tucked your tail between your legs and wimped out, more afraid of damaging your own personal interests instead of doing what was right for the country and its citizens.  If you were honest, you would admit you don’t have the skills needed to lead the House of Representatives through this crisis, and you would resign your position as Speaker and support a person with the courage, honesty,  and the ability to lead.

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In your letter you talk the good talk, but you don’t walk the walk. So therefore, yes, I will support a true republican candidates in 2016, but I will not support the NRCC or you in your bid to elect more establishment RINO Republicrats to Congress. I’m putting my support to Tea Party candidates in the hopes we can get some honest citizen representatives, and not career politicians like yourself, back into Congress and in our government and, also, in control of the Republican Party, who understand and embrace the original principles of our Constitution.

As for the so-called check you pledged to send to the NRCC, I put it through the paper shredder, and sent a check of my own to help elect Tea Party republicans to Congress.

Have a nice day.


W. B. Corbett

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So there you have it folks.  I agree with Bill.  The Republican Party is dying by its own hand.  A few more years with people like Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the helm and they just as well merge with the Democrats and call it the Republicrat Party.  That would open the door for a “new opposition party” to emerge and we would be back to a true two party system in this country, instead of the single party Amphisbaena we now have.  That new party logo might be the legendary bird, the Phoenix, which is a symbol of a new birth rising out of the ashes .



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