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Are American Citizens Becoming Like Lemmings?

Lemming FacsimileThere is a tale about Lemmings that is alleged to be mythical.  Mythical or not,  these little rodents  are  portrayed as suicidal zombies that will follow a leader en masse to their demise. Americans appear to be more and more like these little critters every day.

The liberal news media, and the Progressive politicians, for whatever reason, continue to spread the propaganda that capitalism is evil and greedy, that income equalization (as they like to refer to it) is benevolent and fair.  And just like Lemmings, a good number of American citizens are buying into this Progressive prattle. Metaphorically speaking, too many citizens seem eager to follow these  Progressives into the sea where our nation will drown and die, and the last bastion of “freedom and home of the brave” will be no more.

True, there are greedy capitalists, just as there are greedy socialists, but don’t blame the capitalist system; that’s not the problem.  Human nature is the problem.  Were it not for capitalism we might still be traveling to work in a horse and buggy, or reading by a kerosene lamp or a Coleman gas lantern.   We might still be making toast in the oven of a wood/coal burning stove, and we likely would not have these cursed computers that so many people seem to enjoy today, or all the other so-called conveniences of modern day living. The basic tenets of capitalism raise people up to rungs higher on the economic ladder.  Those who work hard will move up, those who don’t, won’t.

Socialism is designed to put everyone on the same rung,  pulling top achievers down to lower rungs where everyone will be equal. This breeds discontent among the achievers and they say, “what the hell, why should we work our tails off only to have it taken away from us to give to some lazy bloke who refuses to work.” And so-called wealth equalization, or redistribution, whatever you want to call it, also fosters greed among those recipients.  There are those who game the system and eat lobster and New York Strip steaks purchased with food stamps;  there are those who game the system  to live in subsidized HUD housing even though they can afford to live elsewhere;  there are those who game the system and take advantage of free emergency service at hospitals; and there are those who game the system in myriad other ways.

William Bradford’s journal gives an account of the start of capitalism in America.  The first contract the Pilgrims had (the Mayflower compact) with their merchant sponsors in London called for everything they produced to go into a common store (socialism) and each merchant was entitled to one common share.  All the land the pilgrims cleared and the houses they built belonged to the community as well.

The MayflowerThe first winter, after arriving in the new world in November, the pilgrims had to live on the Mayflower since the spot where they had landed was a barren wasteland.  Half of the pilgrims died, including Bradford’s wife, of starvation and other infirmities.  The following winter was not much better.  There was much discontent within the camp because the industrious saw the slackers going along for the ride.   Again, taken from the writings in his journal, Bradford said the industrious basically said, “what in the hell is going on here? We work our tails off and these slackers get the same share of the production as we do.”

William Bradford

William Bradford

Bradford, who was the governor of the colony, was wise enough to realize that it was time for a change.  He gave each man a plot of land and told them they could keep the bulk of what they produced to do with as they saw fit.  Production increased, and they soon had surpluses that they sold and shared with their Indian friends.  (Free enterprise and capitalism at work.)  Socialism has failed every time  it’s been tried,  and when the Progressives finally get their way here in the United States, which I’m certain they eventually will because of the entitlement mentality that exists,  socialism will fail here, also.

The liberals and their media pundits also spread myths about how our Founding Fathers were greedy old white haired elitist men who were only interested in preserving their own status. Fact is, the average age of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was 44, many were 35 or younger.  Aaron Burr was 20, Nathan Hale 25, Alexander Hamilton 21, James Madison 25, Benjamin Rush 30, John Jay 30,  and John Hancock 39, just to name a few of the more prominent ones.

The liberal Progressives try to make us believe these men were deists, men who believed in God on the evidence of reason and nature only; men who rejected supernatural revelation; men who believed God created the world, but remained indifferent to it.

Some have even tried to make us believe the Founders may have been agnostic; that they were men who held that the existence of the ultimate cause and essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable; or that human knowledge is limited to experience. I happen to hold to the belief that these men, some of which, at least, were Christian.  There is evidence to back this up.   There are accounts of General George Washington being on his knee praying to God at Valley Forge. George Washington PrayingPresident Washington also dedicated this country to God at his first inaugural speech on April 30th, 1789 in New York City.


George Washington

George Washington dedicating the country to God April 30, 1789










Progressivism  is all about control, folks.  Control of he masses.  They think we ordinary citizens don’t have the judgment or the intelligence to act in our own best interest.  They look upon us as  mind numb Lemmings who will follow their lead to wherever they want us to go. 


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