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Are Computers and the Internet All That Great?

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Are computers and the Internet all that great?  I’d wager that anyone beyond age 75 would say a resounding no,  and I’m one of those beyond 75-ers who agrees.  You see, friends, it’s happened to me again; I got into another battle with this  @#$%!*!@! computer and the Internet this past week. Geesh!  This blasted thing is going to be the death of me, yet. Or better still,  I’m going to be the death of it, and banish it to the trashcan. Stupid computer.

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Dead computer.

It all started a couple of days ago when I tried to place an online order for some pomegranate juice.  I had ordered from this company before, so what was so frustrating was the hassle I received from their online site this time.  It was supposed to be one of those “one click” order processes.  Yeah, right! I logged on and all went well until it was time to check out.  I clicked on the checkout button and it took me to a field where I had to give it my password.  Uh—Oh.  I looked on my logue sheet where I usually keep my passwords, and this one was not there.

Hmmmm, I wonder what’s going on here,  Why didn’t I write that one down? Okay, my fault; forgive the computer this time.  No problem(or so I thought). I’ll just click on the “forgot your password?” button and set up a new password.  Not as easy as you might think; not for me, at any rate.

I clicked on the button and received my new temporary password along with a message saying I should use that one to log into my account, after which, I was to set a new permanent password.  So far, so good—but not for long.  Things began to progressively deteriorate.

It must be said here that this temporary password was only good for getting into my account.  I couldn’t complete my order until my new password was in place, so I proceeded to set up my new password.  The first thing it asked me for was my old password.  Good greif!  Think about that for a moment, people.  If I couldn’t get into my account because I had lost my old password, how in hadies did this idiot computer think I was going to provide my old password now?  Geesh, Watson!.

Then it occurred to me that maybe the only time I needed to provide this old password would be if I wanted to change my password—not if I’d lost it—so I proceeded by leaving that window blank. I inserted my new created password into the “new password” box as instructed and clicked on the button marked continue.  What do you think happened?  Yes, you guessed it.  I got a message back saying I couldn’t leave the “old password” window an unfilled blank.

I scratched my head, then I asked myself. “What do I do now?  I don’t have a password to give you, you ninny.  Stupid computer.  Then it occurred to me that maybe the old password it’s wanting is the temporary password that was sent me.  “I’ll try that one,”  I said.  I did, and whata  ya know, it worked.

Now it was time to proceed with completing the order;  advance to the payment method.  I punched the button stating which brand of  credit card I would be using and received a message that said there was no default credit card on file with them.  Whaaat?  Here we go again.   There must be, it’s the same card I used the last time I ordered.  Stupid Computer.

So, again, I proceeded to fulfill the credit card requirements.  I filled in all the necessary blanks.    I get another message back that stated the card had expired.  Now, let me say here that the product I was ordering was pomegranate juice concentrate.  A mere tablespoon full once a day is supposed to keep one’s blood pressure at bay, and let me tell you, people, I needed a healthy slug of it at this point.

I go back, insert the expiration date, and move forward to checkout.  It gives me a preview of the order affirming the product, the shipping address, the billing address, and the name on the card.  All is well, except for one thing; there are now two credit cards in the system with the same number.  “I don’t need two cards in the system,” I said to myself,  soI deleted one.

You’re not going to believe what happened next, or maybe you will.  It took me back to the credit card information page where it asked me for all my credit card information—again.  Even though I had only punched one button to delete just one card, it deleted both of them. Stupid computer.

I said. “To hell with this,” and I dialed customer service. I got a very nice accommodating young lady who graciously proceeded to walk me through the whole process—to no avail.  Finally she said she would take my order over the phone and save me all this hassle and frustration.  I said, “That would be good.”  So that’s what we did(Shoulda done that in the first place).  Then, I went to the kitchen, took a swig of pomegranate juice.  Blood pressure was soon back to normal.

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Computer image courtesy of Keerati/Freedigitlphoos.net

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