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ARE WE AMERICANS LEAPING INTO A VERITABLE OPEN CESSPOOL: a cesspool of our own digging? I believe we are. God gave us through the Founding Fathers one of the most perfect forms of government (peoples’ law) ever devised in the history of the world, and like Esau, whose bulb didn’t burn quite as bright as his twin brother Jacob’s, we seem willing to fritter away our birthrights in exchange for a bowl of lintel soup in the form of monarchic socialism.

We started digging this cesspool 100 years ago with the advent of the Progressive movement, and I’m sad to say, that we conservatives have contributed to this effort. Not so much, maybe, by actively participating in the actual digging of the sludge pit, but we helped by standing on the sidelines for many years watching as the cesspool of government corruption and overreach grew larger and deeper and began filling with acrid socialistic sludge. Conservatives did little to stop this excavation, which, in my opinion, made us complicit. Each time the liberal socialists in Congress, whether they be Democrat or Republican, passed another law expanding the scope and reach of government, we said: “Oh, that isn’t so bad. I guess we can live with that.” This went on until we are where we are today.

BO IMany of us “we the people” have reached the point of looking the other way when our elected representatives and government bureaucrats (people who are supposed to be our servants, rather than our masters) subvert our Constitution and break laws. We have let a man serve as our president who may not even be a citizen of this country let alone not a natural born citizen. (Yes, I guess I am a birther; but a racist, absolutely not. I simply don’t support this man’s ideology. I was a strong supporter of Ben Carson until he quit the race. and I supported Herman Cain in the previous election cycle. However, I also respect our Constitution, and believe in upholding it.) This man who is acting as our president does all he can to subvert it. He even went so far in an interview to say that our Constitution is flawed; that it’s primarily a negative document that states what government shouldn’t do rather than what it should do for the people.  Excuse me! Has this supposed Constitutional scholar never read the Bill of Rights?  Is he so dull to not understand that their negativity is directed specifically toward government, and reinforces  what our Constitution does for us on behalf of protecting our liberties by stating what government shall not and cannot do against the people. The Constitution was specifically crafted to limit the reach of government—not expand it.

At the request of 200 signatories, an official law enforcement investigation was conducted a few years ago, and if my interpretation of the findings of that investigation is correct, it uncovered strong evidence that this acting president’s so-called long form Hawaiian birth certificate may be a multi-layered computer generated forgery.

One might ask,“If that’s the case, why did nothing come of this investigation?”  Good question. I don’t have an answer except to say that our federal government is rife with corruption. Perhaps it was determined by the investigative body that if they turned this evidence over to the Justice Department, it [the evidence]  would be ignored; that it would be an exercise in futility similar to the recent action by the FBI where they whitewashed a certain presidential candidate’s felonious email activities as being unintentional, and therefore deserved no further investigation or any criminal charges.Dame Hillary

The justice department at the time of the afore mentioned birth investigation was headed by a now disgraced former attorney general who in all likelihood would have buried this evidence under the guise that it consisted of nothing more than a witch hunt. The law enforcement officer who spearheaded this birth investigation also intimated at the press conference when this information was first released that this might be the case, so it never saw the light day except for that initial presentation. I watched that press conference in its entirety. It was very lengthy, and very thorough. As I recall, it lasted nearly two hours.

Many citizens, today, including the FBI, seem willing to look the other way when evidence points to felonious activity by certain, but not all, of our present day politicians. So, yes, just like Esau, we seem willing to trade our birthright for a passel of so-called government freebies promised by government agencies and members of Congress from both political parties.

Statue of Liberty

The thing that saddens me by all this is that the Republican Party, the political party that is supposed to be the counter-balance to this Progressive socialist movement has become part of it by drifting farther and farther to the left.  Even if the Donald is successful in his bid for the presidency, he is going to have a rough row to hoe in order to get this country back on track.  I don’t know if he has the necessary  communicative skills of Ronald Reagan to bring Democrat and Republicrat members of Congress back to original principles of the Constitution.  The Progressives may still win this battle, and we could end up with a form of autocracy.

Could Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Biblically based historical novel, The Harbinger, be a portend of our future?  The Ancient Israelites became corrupt and God destroyed them in 732 B.C.  What the Lord giveth, the Lord can taketh away. Maybe our time is nigh. Lady Liberty’s days may be  numbered.  Farewell, my dear Lady. I’m going to miss you.

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