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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers—Oh Yeah. . .Ya Wanna Bet on That?—A Guest Post by Rube

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Hi folks.  Rube has another guest post today.  So without further adieu, here’s Rube.

Howdy agin, folks:

There’s an old sayin’ that held true fer many centuries.  It said “Beggars can’t be choosers.”  I reckon as how that old tried and true sayin’, like many others of late, has fallen by the wayside in today’s world.  I’m figgerin’ the new sayin’ reads: “beggars are demanders.”  Look at all them welfare recipients demandin’ more and more benefits.  They don’t even call ’em benefits nowadays.  They’re now callin’ ’em entitlements, because the ones gitten ’em  figger they’re  entitled to ’em.

Beggars today are demanders. They’re a demandin’ a mighty heap of things, practically everthing from soup to nuts.  They demand free medical care,  free rent, free food stamps, just ta name a few.  Some of ’em are even demandin’ free condoms and birth control pills. They’re even expectin’ the government ta give ’em free cell phones.  Yessir, folks, I reckon as how beggars can be choosers.

We see it occurrin’ ever day, and I reckon as how there are some folks who need a helpin’ hand, but ta my way a thinkin’ there’s a lot of ’em wearin’ the badge of “freeloader” with pride.  They don’t even say thanks, no more. They jest keeps on a demandin’ .  Ol’ Jake Doonuttin down at the coffee klatch says it’s because they’re entitled.  He says it’s the goverment’s duty ta provide fer  them folks. I can see as how he thinks that way since he’s been a doin’ a heap of free loadin’ off the goverment  fer nigh onta sixty years, now.

The Good Lord told us the poor would always be with us and it was our duty to take care of ’em, but I don’t think He meant fer us to become enablers.  He said we should give ’em a hand up, not a “handout,” but I reckon as how  we have become enablers. We’re enablers by makin’ them folks dependent on the goverment fer everthing.  We’ve destroyed their incentive fer self reliance, the very thing this country was originally founded on.

Our government is founded on specific powers to maintain law and order, to ensure our national security, to protect life, to make interstate commerce easier , and to preserve freedom.  The Foundin’ Fathers never intended fer government to be the remedy to all our problems. The words in the Preamble to the Constitutions says: “promote” the general welfare, not “provide.”

Now, I expect I’ll get a heap of criticizin’ for what I’m about to say next.  It’s about all them illegal aliens a streamin’ inta the country from Mexico.  Now I know there’s a heap of illegals comin’ in from other countries, but most of ’em are from Mexico. And we can’t even call ’em illegal aliens no more, folks. Now due to the new political correct language, they’re referred to as undocumented immigrants, and they figger they’re entitled to all the freebies same as regular citizens.  They don’t even beg no more.  They demand their rights just as though they had the rights of citizenship in this country.  Some of ’em even go so far as to fly the Mexican flag above  ours. I reckon as how that alone is grounds for deportation.

U. S. Flag

And I figger some of those political correct folks will call me a racist, but it ani’t got nothin’ ta do with racism, folks.  It’s all about the rule of law.  Laws are a bein’ broke ever day, and them politicians  don’t seem ta want ta do nothin’ about it.Them illegals are thumbin’ there noses at us

Mexican Flag

This is the position the Mexican flag, or any other nation’s flag, should be flown in the United States. Not the other way around.

and we’re lettin’ ’em get way with it.

I figger it’s because them officials in the Mexican goverment has told them we stole all that land that is now New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas, and Western Colorado, and they think they’re entitled to citizens’ benefits just the same as us folks.

Well, there’s a heap more to the story about that; too much to tell in the space Will has let me have on this here blog.  But I did a little research inta the matter, and from what I read, I got it figgered this way. Texas separated itself from Mexico and was a free republic at the time it  became a part the United States.  It was them Texans themselves that asked ta come inta the union., The United States dragged its feet fer almost a decade afore bringin’ Texas in, and when they finally did, this made them Mexicans fightin’ mad.

On April 25, 1846, Mexican troops crossed the Rio Grande River inta Texax, which was now part of the U. S.A., and attacked General Zachary Taylor’s troops and killed or wounded about 16 of ’em.  This started the Mexican-American War, which we won, by the way, and then we paid the Mexican government 15 million dollars fer the land brought in as a result of that war.  So contrary ta what them Mexicans says, we didn’t steal their land.

I also did a bit more research and what I got outa that was that a dollar in 1846 was worth about 15 hundred of today’ s dollars.  The money we paid Mexico  would be equal to 15 hundred times 15 million of today’s dollars.  Even with today’s  pitifully  depreciated dollar, that’s still a heap of money folks.  So I reckon as how them Mexicans ain’t really got no beef with us Americans about losin’ that  land.  So I say to them folks that’s crossin’ our borders illegally, I reckon as how illegal is still illegal, no matter how you cut it.

And I ain’t about to let them so-called liberal politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, in Washington, D.C. off the hook neither for wantin’ grant them illegals amnesty.  I reckon as how they have an ulterior motive in their thinkin’.  I reckon as how there’s some of ’em who are pushin’ fer amnesty just sos they can make themselves feel good, but most of ’em are a doin’ it to feather their own nests.

They’re actually a tryin’ ta buy a heap of votes, folks.  The more folks they have on them welfare programs, the more votes they figger they’ll have come election time{legal and illegal).  Then there’s them liberal folks who ain’t on welfare that vote for them politicians because it makes ’em feel good ta think they’re a helpin out the poor folks in the land, but they’re actually hinderin’  ’em  more’n they’re helpin’ em, because they’re  destroying their incentive by makin’ ’em wards of the goverment.

Them liberals to my way of thinkin’ have stolen them peoples’  souls.  So folks, that brings me back around to what I said at the beginnin’ of this piece. Beggars have become choosers by becomin’ demanders, and right now, they’re a winnin’.  Winnin’ that is, until the country goes bust—then nobody wins, not even them liberal politicians or the beggars.

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See ya next time.



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