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Cumulu Cloud III’ve experienced somewhat of an epiphany today. As I listened to a Baptist Minister’s sermon this morning espousing the need to look for the joys in life, I remembered the council my very wise father gave me over the years as I was growing up. “Billy,” he would say,(I was always Billy to him) “behind every dark cloud there’s a silver lining. You just have to look for it.” It’s taken me eighty years to come to the realization that he was right.

Much of my writing of late has been about what I think is the ultimate downfall BO Iof the United States. While I still believe that to be true, I developed a different perspective about that this morning. I’ve spent the last seven and half years lamenting the Obama administration and how it was destroying our free republic when I should have been rejoicing. BO centered his entire 2008 campaign on how he was going to fundamentally transform America, and it’s because of that pledge that I should have been grateful. You see, what BO meant wasn’t that he was really going to fundamentally transform America; that transformation had been occurring for the previous ninety-two years since 1916 when Woodrow Wilson set the Progressive Movement in motion. What he meant was that he was going to pound the final nails into the free republic’s coffin, and that’s where I should have recognized the joy in what he was saying.

He has made good his pledge. America as a free republic is on the verge of collapse as a result of BO’s actions, but this could be seen as a joyous thing if brought into proper perspective. As I see it, had Republicrats McCain or Romney been elected, we would have continued on down the road to an even more oligarchic government than we have today. One that would have choked the will for freedom more slowly from our citizens until we would no longer care if we were in bondage, and would be willing to suffer the vagaries of socialism, or maybe even communism. As it is, BO has brought the looming danger of the loss of our freedoms to light.

Dame HillaryI saw Hillary as a black cloud on the horizon, also, but that may not be all bad, either. I believe she is a student of atheism and extremely wicked. If she were to be elected, her policies would likely cause such discombobulation in our system that she would be forced to declare Martial Law which could, in effect, wake the people up, and who would perhaps call for a new revolution. Such a revolution would create severe hardship for the people, true, but I believe man’s innate desire for freedom would endure that hardship just as those brave souls did from 1775-1783 in the first revolutionary war.

Now let’s talk about the Donald. If the Donald were elected, I see him as a The Donaldpragmatist who may have to temporarily suspend certain principles of the Constitution in order to get us back on track. The definition of pragmatic is dealing with problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories—in other words, practicality. I see him bringing pressures to bear on Congress to permanently shut down a good many useless government bureaucracies and their stifling regulations. I see him bringing pressures to Congress to protect our sovereignty and plug the holes in our borders. I see him bringing pressures to Congress to change the tax laws to bring off shore businesses back home. I see him bringing pressures to Congress to remove stifling regulations that prevent this country from becoming energy independent. I see him bringing pressures to Congress to stop the flow of refugees to this country who have no interest in assimilation into our culture. “Oh,” you might say, “how can one man bring that kind of pressure to 535 members of Congress?” First of all, it takes courage and determination, and the Donald has proved he has that. But I don’t see him as a power hungry politician. I believe he would fully restore Constitutional principles when things were back in balance.

We The PeopleIf, as a nation, we were to turn back to God, (we’ve kicked Him out of public buildings, our schools, certain branches of our military, just to name a few instances) perhaps He [God] would touch America again with a miracle that would restore the original freedoms given to us by Him and our original Founding Fathers, and our future posterity could again live under the umbrella of that freedom.




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