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A Bit of Nostalgia

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A Bit of Nostalgia—Fibber McGee and Molly

HeadShot_burnedGreetings friends and blog followers. I recently came into the possession of some old radio broadcasts of an era long gone, but not forgotten.  Last night I had the pleasure of traveling back in time to the 1940s, where I spent time with Fibber McGee and Molly.  Fibber McGee & MollyWhen I was a youngster, we, as a family used to sit in the living room and spend the evening before bedtime listening to the radio.  Old Time RadioThe radios in those days were large and were part of the living room furniture, as is observed… Continue reading


HeadShot_burnedGreetings, blog followers.  For the past several posts, I have been concentrating on current events and the way things are in the world and in our country.  I’ve decided the country is going to hell in a hand basket; too many of our politicians (in both major political parties)are either disingenuous or downright dishonest and corrupt. The same holds true  for many department head bureaucrats and the judiciary and there is nothing I can do about it, so I’m shifting gears a bit and going back to writing about the way things were in… Continue reading

A BIT OF NOSTALGIA—Fishin’ For Chubs—A preview of Stories to Come

HeadShot_burnedToday begins the preview series I spoke of in the  post that precedes this one; a series of short stories circa the 1940s decade.  This is another Buddy story, but this one is told in first person point of view instead of third, because it’s being told by a grown up Buddy.  I wanted, also, to test my skill at writing in first person.  I’ve always heard that first person narrative is more difficult.  So we’ll see how I do. Following is a preliminary unedited preview of things to come.… Continue reading

Farewell My Love—A Soliloquy

HeadShot_burnedGreetings friends.  Back in the year 2000, Bill Corbett wrote a tribute to a dying friend that he had known all his life. I posted that tribute on this blog a couple years ago. With Bill’s permission, I’d like to share that piece with you once more.  I think it is even more  apropos today.  Bill has given me permission to edit it just a bit to more appropriately fit the times. One of those changes is to change it from a soliloquy to a pending obituary. So without… Continue reading

What Ever Happened to Thanksgiving?

Will Edwinson 2015

Note:  This is a reprint of a post I published a couple of years ago, but I think it’s still apropos today, so I’m running it again this year.

It’s hard for me to give up old traditions.  Am I the only one who has noticed that Thanksgiving seems to have been relegated to the Roast Turkeyback of the bus these days?  I remember the days when, November, not October, was the beginning of the holiday season.  First it was Thanksgiving to celebrate the God given bounties we enjoy in this country, and then… Continue reading


Reminisce III was rummaging through a copy of Reminisce Magazine looking for ideas that would spark the little grey cells into action, and bring forth something for another post to this blog.  It turned out to have a wealth of information.  Rather than center on one or two memories, this post contains a hodge-podge triggered by that issue of Reminisce.

For instance, one article contained a segment on the sound booths in the record stores of yesteryear.  I wonder how many remember those?   I had forgotten about them until I read that article.… Continue reading

A Trip Down Memory Lane With Old Movie Serials and Comic Strips

Will Edwinson Photo

It seems whenever I run out of ideas for a blog post, something, or someone, comes to my rescue.  On one occasion I was scraping the bottom of my barrel of ideas, and coming up with nothing.  An accepted truism is, when you are wrestling with a problem for which you can’t seem to find a solution, it’s best to put it aside for a while.  So that’s what I did.  I tuned into the Turner Classic Movies movie channel for a little diversion, and whatta ya know, right there before my eyes was the fodder… Continue reading

Opening the Road—A Tale of “Not Too Smart”

Will Edwinson PhotoI was sitting in the middle between the driver and a passenger to my right. Two snowdrifts blocked our path up ahead.  I reached my foot over and pushed the accelerator to the floor….

About three miles west of Soda Springs, Idaho, and right next to highway 30, is a body of water known as Alexander reservoir.  When I was in high school in Soda Springs during the early1950s, there was a road that was part of a loop around the south side of this body of water.

It was a county road not normally kept open during… Continue reading

Grandma’s Kitchen

Will Edwinson PhotoAn old past October/November issue of Reminisce Magazine yielded a plethora of stuff for this post.  The caption  on the picture, as I recall, was Grandma’s Kitchen.  As I studied that magazine cover, I was transported back in time to Mama (Grandma) Titus’ kitchen. Standing before me next to the wall, was her old coal fired kitchen range with a teapot simmering, and a couple of flatt-irons heating for the day’s ironing.   Also sitting atop that stove were a couple loaves of bread fresh… Continue reading

Spring Adventure

Snow ConesHow many who are reading this post remember the days when a coke from a machine cost a nickel, Hershey bars were a nickel, and a twin scoop ice cream cone was a dime. As a kid during those times, you could buy a movie ticket for a dime, and your parents could buy one for fifteen cents.  Those are some  things I remember about life while growing up in a small rural farming community  in Southeast Idaho during the 1940s.

In one of my recent posts I spoke of some memories of mine during… Continue reading

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