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A Bit of Nostalgia

Buddy & The World War II Years

Will Edwinson PhotoOne day a few years ago, I was working with one of the people at the publishing house of my book, “Buddy…His Trials and Treasures,” to update the product description on the amazon.com page.  The new description read as follows:

Do you need a little stress relief in your life? Travel back to the world of Buddy Crawford, a simpler, slower-paced world where Cokes were a nickel, movie tickets were a dime, and ten cents bought you a double-dip ice cream cone.  These engaging award-winning stories about a young boy growing up in rural America during the 1940s… Continue reading

Couldn’t Do That Today

I was visiting with some friends one Sunday a few years ago at a Mother’s Day brunch at the Presbyterian Church when the conversation turned to the “old days,” and how things used to be.   I had recently received an email that compared certain things in the 1950s to those of today and how they had changed.  One of the things mentioned in that email was how students used come to school with their shotguns or rifles in their vehicles and leave them on the parking lot during school hours. This brought to memory my experiences of… Continue reading

Vintage Cars And Vintage Towns.

Model A SedanI have a thing about classic cars. A few years ago the Beehive Model A Club of northern Utah was in Soda Springs, Idaho, with about 15 to 20 Model A Fords ranging in variety from two door sedans, four door sedans, coupes, and pickups. Many of these autos looked as though they had just rolled off the assembly line in Detroit. Some were restored close to their original status; others had a few modifications.

One thing , to which I paid particular attention, was that most of these cars had after-market turn signals installed. I suppose this feature… Continue reading

School Playground Games Of My Youth

Will Edwinson PhotoLast week as I was perusing some old columns looking for something to post this week, I came across this one.  A few years ago I had been in Idaho Falls doing some research on Tautphaush Park for a piece I was writing for Idaho Magazine.  As I wandered around the park, I noted several baseball diamonds.  Seeing the youngsters out there playing baseball reminded me of my youth and the baseball games we used to play at recess time at school.  In my school days, baseball in our neck of the woods wasn’t… Continue reading

A Bit More Nostalgia

Will Edwinson PhotoThis post sort of ties in with the last one in that it describes more of my duties at City Transfer and Storage in Soda Springs, Idaho during the 1950s. As I was traveling down the highway a few days ago, I came upon a railroad unit train of grain cars.  This brought to mind how things have changed from when we used to ship farm commodities out of Soda Springs.  Dad was one of the owners of City Transfer and Storage, Inc., a grain exchange and farm store in Soda; and when he couldn’t find anything for… Continue reading

The Old Enders Hotel Is Alive and Well

Enders Hotel

Enders Hotel and Historical Museum

I recently had the pleasure of a telephone conversation with a long-time friend from my youth. He was also an elementary and  high school classmate.  We were discussing our upcoming 60 year graduation  anniversary of  our high school class that will be hosted at the Enders Hotel; a hotel in Soda Springs, Idaho, he purchased and restored a few years ago.  We were discussing the hotel and reminiscing about our high school days and some of the antics of our lives that… Continue reading

Burma Shave

Burma ShaveThis past week I received an email featuring the old Burma Shave signs that used to entertain us so many years ago as we traveled along the by-ways throughout the country.  Remember those, the little red signs with white letters and short little messages of sage wisdom that were placed every so many miles along the highways?   Messages such as: “Passing Cars—When You Can’t see—May Get You— a glimpse of—Eternity—Burma-Shave.”  Or…”If you drive—While You’re Drunk—Carry Your Coffin—In Your Trunk—Burm-Shave.

When I was little, Dad would take me with him on the… Continue reading

Doing Business in The Old Days

Will Edwinson Photo

I once wrote a piece for IDAHO magazine about an author friend of mine. One of the things I brought up in that piece was how the style of doing business had changed since the “old days.” During the days when Dad was doing business, and to a certain extent, in my early adult years, many business transactions were completed on a handshake.  Deals were often struck in a coffee shop or pool hall with the results written on a napkin that all parties signed or initialed with full confidence that it would be honored.… Continue reading

Dairying the Old Way

One day A while back , as I was traveling, a milk transport passed me, and it  immediately brought to mind the subject for today’s post.  Conditions in the dairy industry have changed considerably over the past 50 to 60 years.  That milk transport reminded me of some of those changes.

Ten Gaallon Milk Cans

Photo image courtesy of Simon Howden/Free digitalphotos.net

When I was a youngster growing up in Grace, Idaho,  during the 1940s, much of the milk supply came from small family farm dairies.  A contract carrier with a two-ton truck and a flat-bed would drive to… Continue reading

My Old Home Town

Grace Main Stree IICurrent television shows are so bad that I have taken to tuning in to the Turner Classic movie channel where I can watch old movies, or the TV- Land channel, where I can watch reruns of past shows.  A few evenings ago, I was watching the old Andy Griffith show.  I enjoy those shows because they bring back memories of the days when I was a kid growing up in Grace, Idaho.  Sheriff Taylor’s Mayberry reminds me a great deal of the hometown of my youth.  There were “Mayberrys” all across America during that period.

I’m… Continue reading

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