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America Ain’t What She Used Ta Be—A Guest Post by Rube

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings friends.  As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit remiss lately with my regular posts to this blog. Been rather busy getting my new novel ready for publication.  In the meantime, I’ve also been discussing some events with Rube that have been happening in the news these past few weeks.  He said he had some thoughts about how our country has changed in the last fifty or sixty years, and  asked me if he could make another post.  I said, “By all means, Rube.  Your insightful comments are always welcome.”… Continue reading

If Life Were Fair, Horses Would Ride Half of The Time—Ben Goode

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings again folks.  Well, I’m back from my road trip to Idaho.  It was a great trip.  Got to see many long-time friends, celebrated an old fashioned 4th of July in my old home town, and had a great reunion with high school classmates.  I even had a nice visit with my friend Rube.  He’s the inspiration for the title of this blog, and he asked me if he could do another guest post.  I said by all means. So without further ado, here’s Rube.

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven… Continue reading

Headin’ Fer Hell on The Fast Track Express—A Guest Post by Rube

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings, again, followers.  Well, Rube is weighing in again today with another commentary about the state of affairs in the country as he sees them.  So, as usual, with no further ado, here is Rube.


Howdy, folks.  When I was a little shaver, my Daddy had an expression he liked to use whenever he got upset with the politicians.  He would say: “The country’s goin’ to hell  in a handcart.

I reckon as how he was right about that, since them progressives began to get ahold of the country around 1913 things been goin’… Continue reading

America Is Standing On The Edge Of A Deep Chasm—A Guest Post by Rube Part II

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Howdy Folks.   Well I’m back with part II of where we left off  at the first of the week. I reckon as how them elitist Progressive politicians (both Democrats and Republicrats) with their fancy Ivy League college degrees has really got us in a heap of trouble.  I also reckon as how things got started on the down hill trek around 1912 on account of them Progressives beginnin’ to get control of things.  Them Progressives are a patient bunch,  too, folks.  They knowed if’n they pushed too… Continue reading

America is Standin’ On The Edge Of a Deep Chasm—A Guest Post by Rube Part I

Edited Photo 06 Greetings, friends.    In light of what’s ben happening in our country these  past four or five years, and around the world the past few weeks,  Rube has some reflections he’d like to share with you.  So here’s Rube.





??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Howdy folks.  This is gonna be kind of a long post on account of I got a lot to talk about, so  I reckon as how I’ll break it up into two parts.  Part II will be comin’ on Friday.

This blog of Will’s has mostly been about… Continue reading

Americans Have Been Makin’ Too Many Decisions Based on Emotion—A Guest Post by Rube

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings fellow bloggers.   Rube is back with another of his straight forward, down to earth posts.   He has a way of cutting through the chaff and gets right to the wheat.  So without further ado, here is Rube.





http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Howdy folks. The other day at our regular coffee klatch meetin’, I was tellin’ the gang that I heard someone state in a radio broadcast that it was goverment’s responsibility to provide a comfortable life fer the people.  I reckon as how I might be able to agree with him, but… Continue reading

There’s Too Much Dung In The Old Chicken Coop—A Guest Post From Rube

Edited Photo 06Greetings, friends.  I’m sure my writer colleagues can empathize that there are times when the aquifer in the well of  ideas temporarily runs dry.  Such was the case for me this week, but Rube came to the rescue.  He’s been watching Congress lately and he’s got some thoughts about how we can help those politicians in Washington.  He asked me if he could do another guest spot.  Since I didn’t have anything ready myself, I said “sure, have a go at it.”  So here’s Rube again.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Howdy, folks. … Continue reading

Rube’s Ramblin’s—A Rube Guest Post

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Greetings Friends. Well.. Rube has some more of his country wisdom to share with us all.  So without further ado,  here’s Rube.

Howdy Folks; I was readin’ some old newspapers of the 1960s this week that I had come across.  At first glance a feller would think as how he was readin’ today’s papers.  Them politicians was talkin’ about how the gove’ment was coming up a bit short of  havvin’ enough money to cover expenses.

They were  about a billion short here, a billion short there, a  billion short everywhere.  They were… Continue reading

Are We Americans Bein’ Brainwashed?—A Guest Post by Rube

Edited Photo 06

Will Edwinson

Greetings friends. Well the holiday season is behind us, we’re into a new year, and it’s time to move on to other things. Rube has another guest post today that I think you might find interesting. Speaking of Rube, I’ve had some readers tell me he is a little difficult to read because he writes the way he speaks. I understand their dilemma. As I mentioned early on, though, Rube only completed eighth grade in school, so his manner of speaking or writing isn’t quite as polished as that of the rest… Continue reading

It Really Was a Black Friday–A guest post by Rube

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Greetings friends.  In view of the weekend news reports about the so-called Black Friday, Rube wanted to post a few more words on the subject.  So here’s Rube.

Howdy folks.  Yes, I’m back, and I reckon as how  I gotta make a change in my comments  of  last week.  You remember, I asked the question, why was the day after Thanksgivin’ Day called Black Friday?   You remember I said I reckoned as how the merchants  outta call it Green Friday because it was supposed… Continue reading

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