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Swimming in the Old 23

Edited Photo 06 There’s a stretch of the Bear River west of Grace, Idaho, which flows through what is known as the Black Canyon. I’m assuming the canyon got its name from the fact that in many areas along the river, there are mini fiord-like walls formed from lava rock (basalt) that line the river on both sides.

Swimming in the Old 23. Those were the days. In the particular stretch where the 23 is located, the ancient molten lava also hardened to form flat patio like surfaces along the river bottom.  Scattered among these surfaces are large pools… Continue reading

To Be A small Fish In a Big Pond or a Big Fish In a Small Pond–That was The Question

Edited Photo 06We all have our own ponds that we live in. Some people head for  the big pond where, if they’re ambitious and talented,  they may become a big fish.  Others choose to stay in the small pond and are satisfied being a somewhat big fish in that small pond.  I guess the latter sort of describes me.

As a sideline avocation to my farming business, I entertained folks in my small pond.  My performances took me south of my home base of Soda Springs, Idaho … Continue reading

More World War II Memories—Plus a little Fishin’

Tin Foil

Image courtesy of artzenter/Freedigitalphotos.net

 In one of my previous posts I mentioned the tin shortage during World War II and how my mother used to guard the tin foil icicles she used to decorate the Christmas tree; how they had to be hung with meticulous care so they could be recovered to be used another year.  I was sometimes able to coerce Mom into letting me help hang those little buggers, but my patience span was not very long.  I began to get careless in the way I placed them on the tree, and I was… Continue reading

A Few Prices From Years Past

I was perusing some old columns I had written a few years ago looking for something to write about in this post when I came across one I had written that featured consumer prices from years past. It was taken from an article I had read in Reminisce Magazine.Edited Photo 06

In looking at those prices one might get the idea that they may have been from the mid-nineteenth century (1850s), but they were actually from the 1930s, ‘40s, and  ‘50s.   One writer said he had his tonsils removed in… Continue reading

I Miss the Mom & Pop Stores of Olde

Bread Rolls

Image courtesy of Apolonia/Freedigitalphotos.net

Though they are growing fewer in number, there is still something to be said for the advantages of the small neighborhood mom and pop grocery store in contrast to their larger super market counter parts with their larger variety of goods.

 I like to bake.  I wouldn’t say baking is a hobby, it’s just something I like to do when I get bored with TV, (which happens a lot these days) or when I need a diversion from the same old daily routine.  When this happens, I get out my mixing bowl and… Continue reading

There’s Too Much Dung In The Old Chicken Coop—A Guest Post From Rube

Edited Photo 06Greetings, friends.  I’m sure my writer colleagues can empathize that there are times when the aquifer in the well of  ideas temporarily runs dry.  Such was the case for me this week, but Rube came to the rescue.  He’s been watching Congress lately and he’s got some thoughts about how we can help those politicians in Washington.  He asked me if he could do another guest spot.  Since I didn’t have anything ready myself, I said “sure, have a go at it.”  So here’s Rube again.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Howdy, folks. … Continue reading

Good Old Tractor Days


Photo taken at Good Old Days Tractor Show–Grace Idaho

In this modern world of high technology we marvel at the latest new item that comes on the scene, and think we are in hog heaven.  But every era of history has its so-called “high technology, ”

A few years ago, I had the pleasure to attend the “Good Ol’ Days” tractor show at Grace, Idaho, the hometown of my early youth. While there, I was taken back in time to more nostalgia.  To some of you “city folk,” the tractors I’m going to mention, will be unfamiliar,… Continue reading

The Watkins/Fuller Brush Man

Fuller Brush

Image courtesy of Serg Bertasius/Freedigitalphotos.net

How many remember the Fuller Brush Man, or the Watkins Man as he was sometimes known; or both, as he was known in and around Grace, Idaho when I was a kid during the 1940s.  One of my former classmates and I were reminiscing one night and the subject of the Watkins Man came up.  To me, he was the Fuller Brush Man; to her, he was the Watkins Man.  He was actually, one in the same.

Our Fuller Brush/Watkins man was a big man—more accurately—a huge man.  Probably weighed… Continue reading

Rube’s Ramblin’s—A Rube Guest Post

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Greetings Friends. Well.. Rube has some more of his country wisdom to share with us all.  So without further ado,  here’s Rube.

Howdy Folks; I was readin’ some old newspapers of the 1960s this week that I had come across.  At first glance a feller would think as how he was readin’ today’s papers.  Them politicians was talkin’ about how the gove’ment was coming up a bit short of  havvin’ enough money to cover expenses.

They were  about a billion short here, a billion short there, a  billion short everywhere.  They were… Continue reading


Snow Cones

Image courtesy Sicha Pongjivanich/Freedigitalphotos.net

It was hot.  I was driving down a city street in Pocatello, Idaho, one day a few summers ago in my 25 year old Ford pickup; no air conditioning, the windows were down, the electronic digital thermometers around town were registering between 98 degrees and 100 degrees F., and I was nearing meltdown.  (I only drove the newer air-conditioned car on Sunday, or for longer road trips.)

This hot ride triggered my memory of, and a desire for, one of those twin stick Popsicles we used to buy as kids.  Remember… Continue reading

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