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Will’s Trivia Corner—American Slang

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Will Edwinson

A bit of slang trivia this week.  As I have stated in past posts, one of my favorite TV channels is Turner Classic Movies.  How many remember the old movie short “The Passing Parade;” those one-reel tours of places or events of interest around the globe. I was tuned to the Turner Classic Movie channel a while ago when one of those old Passing Parade features came on.  This particular segment made reference to the two official languages in America at that time—English and slang.  (Those two preceded the two present official… Continue reading

Oh…The Opinions We Form When We’re Young

Movie Film ReelThe opinions we form of people when we are kids, can be so misleading.   As I’ve mentioned in past posts, one of my favorite TV channels is Turner Classic Movies.  A while back I watched a lot of old movies on this Classic Movie channel.  Included among those was a marathon of Humphrey Bogart movies.  As a kid I did not like Humphrey Bogart.  The movies in which I’d seen him, he played a killer, a gangster or someone who was just plain mean; and as kids often do, I associated these movies with… Continue reading

More Christsmas Traditions–Part V

Three Wise Men  Christmas Eve is a week and half away, and this will be the final post of this Christmas series. If you will permit me, I’m going to take you back to 1943 or 1944 and write this post from the perspective of an eight or nine year old boy.  When I look back on Christmas Eve as a boy growing up in Grace, Idaho, and then later in Soda Springs, ever more memories come to the fore.  Christmas in Grace during the 1940s was not unlike that as it was portrayed in the… Continue reading

A Day Back in Time; More Christmas Stories–Part IV

Bing Crosbycan0001

Bing Crosby

A few years ago this month while living in Idaho, I made a trip to our neighboring state Utah and Salt Lake City. It was a pleasant sunny day; the roads were dry and the traffic was relatively sparse for these modern times.   As I’ve lamented in previous posts, it seems every year at this season we hear less and less Christmas music on radio or TV and in the stores and malls. Oh…there is plenty of music, but it usually consists of “politically correct” upbeat rock type secular so-called “holiday” music.  So instead of… Continue reading

More Memories of Christmases Past–PART III

Christmas Tree

photo Image courtesy Feelart/Freedigitalphotos.net

We’re in the Christmas season, and I thank Reminisce Magazine for inspiring and providing material for this blog post.  I was reading a past  December/January issue where I came across a column written by the late Clancy Strock. This column brought back many childhood memories of Christmas for me.  One of those memories was, as he put it, “Christmas Has Always Lit Our Lives.” This is true in many ways, but he was referring primarily to Christmas lights.

He wrote about his mother saying she remembered when the lights… Continue reading

Christmas As It Used to Be—Part II

Three Wise MenThis post may read like a repeat of the one last week, but it’s really a continuation. In recent years, the traditional “Christmas Season” appears to have been taken over and replaced by the politically correct “Holiday Season.” The old movie channel is one place, however, where I can still find a semblance of the old traditions of Christmas.  I would venture to say that in all the movies made prior to 1960 that have Christmas included in their stories, the true spirit of Christmas, i.e., peace on earth good will toward men, and remembrance of Jesus’ birth was… Continue reading

It Really Was a Black Friday–A guest post by Rube

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Greetings friends.  In view of the weekend news reports about the so-called Black Friday, Rube wanted to post a few more words on the subject.  So here’s Rube.

Howdy folks.  Yes, I’m back, and I reckon as how  I gotta make a change in my comments  of  last week.  You remember, I asked the question, why was the day after Thanksgivin’ Day called Black Friday?   You remember I said I reckoned as how the merchants  outta call it Green Friday because it was supposed… Continue reading

Christmas Shopping In The Old Days

Christmas GreetingsYesterday was the big hype day of Black Friday where the so-called Holiday Shopping season was to begin.  It isn’t even referred to as the Christmas shopping season anymore—just the shopping season. The times have changed from when I was young.

One evening during the Christmas season a few years ago, I was strolling down Main Street in Old Town Pocatello, Idaho.  It was about 34 degrees; there was no wind, and a light snow was silently wafting its way down and glimmering off the holiday lights. 

 That scene took me back to my teenage youth… Continue reading

Why is it Called Black Friday?—A Guest Post by Rube

Greetings friends.  This is Thanksgiving week so I’m posting this a couple of days early. Rube is back today with another of what I think is his sage observations, so   without further ado, here is Rube.

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Howdy folks.  Have ya ever wondered about this here so-called Black Friday that is a comin’ up the day after Thanksgivin’ Day?  What I’m a wonderin’ is, how did it ever become to be called Black Friday, when all through the ages black has been associated with dark and dire things.  Fer instant,  death, fer one. … Continue reading

El Tour De Tucson

Bike racer

Image courtesy of digitalart/Freedigitalphotos.net


This is going to be a short blog, today. It’s Saturday and raining cats and dogs in Tucson as I write this.  Today is the event of the annual El Tour De Tucson,  one of the largest bicycle events in the United States, I’m told.  To borrow a phrase from the Postal Service, come rain or shine, the race goes on, however.  The number of participants for this event range from 7,000 to 10,000 cyclists from all around the country, with races ranging from one long race of 109 miles… Continue reading

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