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Some High Tech is Okay—I Suppose.

Hi tech devices

Image courtesy of David Costello Deminici/Freedigitalphotos.net

Regular followers of this blog know of my disdain for all this high tech stuff we live with today; especially anything to do with computers in light of my many battles with said maddening beast, and the Internet, that I have written about in the past. 

Some high tech is okay—I suppose. Since I have become a writer,   I will admit I do enjoy the over-type feature of today’s word processors and typewriters. Were it not for that, in view of my tendency toward short patience, my stories and… Continue reading

Old Time Technology

There was a column some years past in the Idaho State Journal about the 1949 Nash 600 four-door sedan.  That column brought back a few memories for me. I’d like to take you back in time a wee bit with today’s post and share a little trivia about some of the cars of yesteryear . The air-conditioned cars we enjoy these days are nice, but on the other hand, the cars of the ‘40s and ‘50s weren’t really all that bad. We didn’t know anything different at that time, so we traveled with the windows down,… Continue reading

Things Down on the Farm Ain’t What They Used to Be.

Case Internationl 1460 Combine

Case International 1460 (1978 Model)

There’s an old song we used to sing when I was a kid growing up during the 1940s in the rural farming valley near Grace, Idaho. ” The Old Grey Mare She Ain’t What She Used to Be,” the lyrics of which went something like:  The old grey mare she ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be; ain’t what she used to be; The old grey mare she ain’t what she used to be, many long years ago. (In the version we used to sing, the… Continue reading

Some Things Never Seem to Change

Under Construction Sign

Sign image courtesy of digitalart/Freedigitalphotos.net

There is an old saying that basically says: “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”  I found some truth to this statement a few years ago when I traveled to Yellowstone Park with my daughter and son-in-law and their 14-month old son Aidan.

Fifty plus years ago when I traveled through Yellowstone, and on subsequent trips since, I ran into road construction and summer hail storms. This current trip was no different; even down to the way traffic in those situations was being handled.

 On our  first day into… Continue reading

Shootin’ Sage Chickens


Photo courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

 It was early evening, that little window of time between sunset and complete darkness.  We were walking down the lane when we spotted them.  Their silhouettes stood out in sharp contrast against the dim lit sky; their heads clearly visible.  Dad raised his arm signaling me to stop.  He put a finger to his mouth; an unspoken gesture that said I was to be extra quiet.  He raised the .22 caliber long rifle to his shoulder, took aim and fired.  His first quarry fell.  He methodically fired two… Continue reading

Walking The Fields

Barley_Field2We’ve reached summer’s end,  the crops are gathered, the hills are stripped of their Fall splendor, and the barren fields are tilled awaiting their long winter sleep under a quiet restful blanket of snow.

In this fast paced world we live today, we hear a lot of talk about stress and the effect it has on our lives as individuals.  We each have our own way of reflecting on life and finding our source of solace and peace of mind.  Some find it in Yoga, some through prayer; others… Continue reading

Where Is We a Headin’? A Guest Post from Rube

Rube's 1941 Black Ford pickup truck

Rube’s 1941 Ford Pickup Truck, Gertrude


Rube image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design – lcorbett@cableone.net

Greetings fellow blog readers.  Well, Rube is back.  He’s been boning up on his reading and has come up with some very interesting observations.  I think you’ll find his post very fascinating, as well as informative.  So without further ado, here’s Rube.

Howdy agin, folks.  Last week I  found m’self  in agreement with that Mr. Barack Obama feller—at least on one point—America ain’t what she used to be.  Mr. Obama is  changin’ America… Continue reading

Memories of Hollywood Drugstore Cowboys

Gun Hat and Boots

Image courtesy of Cualberto107/Freedigitalphotos.net

I had occasion to be in Grace, Idaho, a few years ago at the Caribou County Fair.  While there, I had the pleasure of hearing a performance by the Bar J Wranglers from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I had heard of the Bar J Wranglers, but had never heard them in live concert.  What a treat.  If I hadn’t had occasion to be there for other reasons, it would have been worth a special trip just to hear their renditions of those good old  Cowboy Western tunes along with their comedy routines.… Continue reading

Mountain Color and Threshing Machines

Mountain of color

Image courtesy of EA/Freedigitalphotos.net

One fall day a few years ago I was struggling to find a topic for my weekly column in the Idaho State Journal.  I decided to take a short trip around southeast Idaho to see if my travels might hatch an idea. I was rewarded on two counts. A topic for my column emerged, and I also realized that New England is not unique in its fall brilliance. Much of the West, including Idaho, I believe produces fall beauty equal to that of those original northeastern colonies. My route took me along a mountainous backcountry… Continue reading

Jitneys and Other Monikers.

Model A SedanThe other morning I was shaving, and wondering what I could write about on this next post when I had a sudden flash—it seems I get most of my inspiration either while shaving or in the shower. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Model T Ford, better known as the Tin Lizzie.    I think most everybody is familiar with the nick-name Tin Lizzie, but there was also a nick-name  dedicated to the Model A Ford.

I wonder how many people remember the “Jitney.”  I don’t know if this… Continue reading

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