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Will the Real Danny Boy Please Step Forward

Music  Notes

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As I approach the waning years of my eighth decade of existence here on the planet Earth, it occurred to me  it’s time to start thinking about my last rights preparations.   I was discussing this with one of my daughters a few nights ago and she asked me if I had any particular music I preferred to have played at my memorial service.  I said, “Yes, one in particular, Danny Boy—and preferably the Bing Crosby recording.”  Crosby’s interpretation of that song is unmatched.  (Anyone wanting to… Continue reading

Oh, How Soon We Forget

Sand Dunes

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Let’s talk about the weather.  Oh, how soon we forget. The Rocky Mountain West, and perhaps the West in general,  experienced a rather hot and somewhat dry summer this year; some might even say the temperatures were unusually hot.  But were they?  I think not.  Parts of the area, particularly Southeast Idaho, I’m told, was also in the midst of a dry spell, but have there been past summers in that part of the world equally as dry?  I used to live in Southeast Idaho, and I… Continue reading

The Very Expensive Knockout

Boxer Image

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I was visiting with some colleagues during the coffee hour after church some time  ago, when the topic came up of how expensive tickets for professional sporting events are these days.  That discussion brought to mind another incident I remember my parents talking about when I was a kid growing up in Grace, Idaho, during the 1940s. It involved a prominent businessman, named John Rogharr.  Mr. Rogharr was a man of considerable means who owned a large department store something akin to today’s Fred Meyer or Wal Mart superstores.  It featured… Continue reading

Striking Gold

Movie Film Reel

Photo image courtesy of cooldesigns/Freedigitalphotos.net

One October day in Idaho a few years ago, the weather was bad, at least for that time of year; so I decided to stay inside.  I hadn’t watched any daytime TV for quite a spell, so I turned on the television set to check out the old movies’ channel, and I struck gold.  Two very good motion pictures starring two of my favorite actresses, Jennifer Jones and Ingrid Bergman were on the bill.  They don’t make movies in Hollywood like those anymore.  They were good wholesome heart-warming stories. … Continue reading

Fish Creek Summit

pick-up truckFor those readers who are not familiar with U.S. highway 30 in Southeast Idaho, there is a stretch that crosses over a rather large mountain known in the area as Fish Creek Summit.  Until about thirty years ago, before its present route over the summit, U.S. highway 30 used to run farther to the north around a point of this mountain range and circled back between it and another mountain range into Lava Hot Springs.  It was a flat terrain and pretty much followed the path of the Old Oregon Trail. This route added about twenty miles… Continue reading

Grandson Becomes Teacher—Grandpa Becomes Student

circuit board 9 28

Circuit Board Aidam assembled containing light and fan

Photo Sep 27, 7 42 17 PM


2004-04-09 10.45.32

Aidan explaining concepts to Pa Pa

Photo Sep 11, 7 04 45 PM

Aidan testing board

  Greetings friends.  I have another special guest today.  He won’t be doing the post, but he’s the subject.  I’m going to depart from my usual nostalgia theme because of a precious incident that I just have to tell you about.  It happened just this morning when the 5 year old grandchild became the teacher and the 78 year old grandpa became the student.

Aidan is fascinated with electronics.  His dad acquired a couple of kits that… Continue reading

The Field Fire

wheat field

Image courtesy of adamr/Freedigitalphotos.net

Massey-Harris 21 Combine

Masse-Harris 21 Combine

I’m going to tell a little story on Dad  of an incident that happened nearly seventy years ago. Actually, what I’m about to tell you, he used to tell on himself. He’s crossed over to the other side now,  so I don’t think he’ll mind my telling you.

 What brought this story to mind was a discussion I was having with a couple of fellows from church one Sunday during coffee hour.   We were talking about runaway brush fires and how they get started, and the… Continue reading

Fall, A Beautiful Time of Year. A guest post by Rube.


Rube's 1941 Black Ford pickup truck

Rube’s 1941 Ford Pickup Truck, Gertrude

Greetings friends.  Rube is back today with another of his guest posts.  He particularly asked me if he could post today, because today, September 21st,. , has special meaning for him.  Before we get into his post, however, let me take a few minutes to bring the late comers to this blog up to speed about Rube.

Rube and I have been friends all our lives.  We were actually born on the same day.  He didn’t enjoy the same luxury as I of being born into a somewhat… Continue reading

Gatherin’ Bottles

green Bottles

Bottles image by Paul/Freeditalphotos.net

 It’s strange, the things that trigger one’s memory.  As I wrapped a bread roll in aluminum foil to heat in the toaster oven the other evening,  my thoughts wandered back to my youth.  In the years when I was growing up during World War II and beyond,  there were shortages of many items that we take for granted today.  One of those was foil wrap.  The foil wrap used in those days was tin foil, and tin was in short supply.  That … Continue reading

Sticking the Crawler Tractor

TD 14A CrawlerI sat there on the seat of the tractor thinking,  Lord, how do I expain this mess to Dad?  His TD 14 crawler tractor was stuck in eighteen inches of mud and water.

Teen agers are known for their moments of bad judgment.  I was no exception.  My story begins on a nice warm sunny spring day in the Southeast Idaho highlands.  I was fifteen. During the spring melt in that part of the world snow has a tendency to linger on the east slopes longer than elsewhere.  We had … Continue reading

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