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America and the Republican Party have lost their way. A Guest Post by Rube


Greetings fellow blog followers.  Well Rube is back with some more of his homespun philosophy.  So without further ado, I’ll turn the remainder of this blog over to him.  Enjoy.

Howdy folks.  Well I’m back with  another post on this  blog of Will’s.  Let me start out by  sayin’ I was once proud to be a Republican—that’s Republican with a cap’tal R, meanin’ I was a member of the Republican Party—but not no more.  GOP used to stand fer Grand Old Party, a party of the people.  Now… Continue reading

Big Bands and Good Music

Music  Notes

Image by Ventrilock/Freedigitalphotos.net

In my privious post I wrote about old movies, old song hits, and old radio and TV programs.  I’d like to expand on that a bit more in this post.  A while back I watched the Lawrence Welk show on PBS.  What a treat. It was a tribute to all the big dance bands of the thirties, forties, and fifties, and was originally broadcast live in 1960.

Among the bands featured were Paul Whiteman, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Wayne King, Glenn Miller, Harry James, Guy Lombardo, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Russ Morgan, Les… Continue reading

Winter weather, copy machines, rock music, add up to frustration

Shoveling Snow

Image courtesy of debspoons/FreeDigitalphotos.net

 Some days it seems it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.  I experienced one of those days a few years ago in Idaho.  It was the morning of April 7, two and a half weeks after the official first day of spring.  I looked outside and the ground was white.  I was instantly thrown into a cranky mood, it had been a long hard winter.  My frustration was heightened when  I had to scrape an inch of ice and snow off my pickup windshield, and… Continue reading

Old legends

Old Legends

Image Courtesy of WorakitSirijinda/FreeDigitalphotos.net

As mentioned in my bio, I used to write a weekly newspaper column.  One day as I was pondering ideas for the current week’s column,  I was in a panic. The well from which comes ideas for my column was running low.   Since it was a nostalgia column of sorts, I decided to get in the car and head over to my old stomping grounds in the highlands of Southeast Idaho at a place called Soda Springs to see if that might trigger some ideas.  Soda Springs is located… Continue reading

Are We Americans Too Hyper? A Guest Post by Rube


Greetings friends.  Rube is back with another guest post giving some of his insight.  So with no further ado, here’s Rube.  Enjoy.

Howdy folks.  It’s me agin, Rube.  I’d like to talk about an affliction we Americans have.  I’m thinkin’ we’re  too hyper.  It seem as how it shows up in most everthin’ we do.  Some folks  have to have a  a new computer about ever six months so they can have the latest, more powerful fastest version that’ll boot up 15 or 20 seconds faster… Continue reading

A Day For Smelling the Roses

Smelling the Rose

Photo Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalphotos.net

Sometimes we need to take time to stop and smell the roses.  I had the opportunity to do just that a couple of years or so ago.  It was when I still lived in Idaho. I belong to a small writer’s group made up of writer’s from Pocatello and Idaho Falls in which I still maintain my membership from afar.  The group usually has a couple of outings a year, a summer picnic and a Christmas party.

 That year’s summer picnic was hosted by one of our members at his… Continue reading

A Bit of a Change

TD 14A Crawler

International TD 14 Crawler Tractor

As I was shaving this morning, and wondering about today’s blog topic, I began reminiscing in my mind about how farming techniques have changed over the years and how we planted the dry farm crops in the Southeast Idaho highlands when I was a teen-ager, as compared to how it’s done today.   It was during the mid to late 1940s that I began to help with fieldwork on the dry farm.  By that time, we thought we had come into the ultimate in the  modern era of farming. … Continue reading

The Whole 9 Yards

ID-10010989 RAF WWII Spitfire

Image courtesy Bernie Cordon/FreeDigitalphotos.net

I learned something new at the Rexburg, Idaho World War II Flight Museum.  Well…maybe not really.  Maybe it was just one of those stories, that after it gets told enough times, it becomes gospel.  But anyway, a few years ago, I drove from Pocatello, Idaho, up to the small community of Rexburg, Idaho,  to visit the flight museum.  It was a slow day at the museum, so the gentleman on the desk came around as I was browsing the exhibits and asked if I had any questions.  I… Continue reading

Interesting experience

Yesterday, July 5,  I stopped at one of the local banks to pay my credit card bill (I’m old fashioned, I still like to use paper checks and pay in person)  and I received a bit of a surprise.  I really don’t think it had anything to do with my previous blog about old fashioned manners, but the timing was interesting.

The young lady (I’d guess her to be early twenties) took my payment information and entered it into her computer.  She then looked directly at me and asked: “Do you mind if I call you… Continue reading

Old Fashioned Manners—Where Have They Gone?*

Handshake phoo

Some of my past posts have focused  on nostalgia and how things used to be. I’m sticking to that theme with this post as well, but in a little different vein.  My remarks are not meant to be critical; piteous, perhaps, but not critical.  My purpose is only to compare certain things as they occurred in the past to what I observe happening today.

 For the last several years, I’ve noticed a certain degree of familiarity toward elder customers by young working people in their late teens and early twenties.  Some… Continue reading

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