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There’s an old saying that says: “You can’t go back.”  While this may be true, literally, I think there are times when we’d all like to go back; back to simpler days. Days when people solved their problems on their own instead of turning to government or the courts.  It seems of late, all we hear on the news is how more and more people are lobbying Washington for more laws and regulations. I remember the time when people lobbied government for less regulation and laws, instead of more.

 In spite of being… Continue reading

Left At The Hitching Post

I and that F-20 Farmall tractor pictured here Will Edwinson author photohave something in common.  We both came into the world at the same time, mid-1930s, way before this  computer driven world came on the scene.

One of my favorite forms of entertainment as a kid during the 1940s was the Saturday matinee at the local movie theater(We could get in for a nickel).Those matinees usually consisted of B Western movies–Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, etc.  In order to add a bit of comedic drama, those films usually had a scene where either a bunch of… Continue reading

The Tomato Bandit

When I lived in Idaho I relished the challenge of actually being able to raise tomatoes to full maturity.  In the Southeast Idaho highlands at an altitude of nearly six thousand feet, this was a tenuous task, but not impossible.

 It required water walls around the plants and a cover for a good part of the summer to protect the tender growing vines from the ravages of those frequent summer frosts that visited our mountain valley(tomato plants are regular tenderfoots) and when the thermometer threatens anything close to 32 degrees, they begin to whimper and wilt.  I… Continue reading

A bit of frustration

Computer Image

Photo image courtesy of Keerati/FreeDigitalphotos.net

I’m too old for this high tech stuff. I got into another fight with my computer recently. Do other people beyond age 70 have these constant battles of the will between themselves and their computers, or am I the only one? This latest skirmish came a few weeks ago when I decided to order myself a book from amazon.com. In one of my online newsletters, I saw a book mentioned that advertised, “6 Easy tips for free publicity.” Since I’m always looking for ways to publicize my latest book, I reasoned this is something I… Continue reading

Capsizing the non-capsizable kayak


Photo courtesy of Rosemary Ratcliff/Freedigitalphos.net

You’ve heard the expression: “Destry rides again!” Well, for the purposes of this column, “The village idiot rides again;” and it’s me. This time, however, I don’t lose the checkbook. I tip over the kayak. It was about 30 years ago on a cool, wind- swept, slightly overcast day in November. I, a friend of mine, and another fellow, were at the annual Harvest Bazaar hosted by the Soda Springs 1st Presbyterian Church. After the doins’ of the bazaar were pretty much over, we looked at the weather outside and decided the rest of the… Continue reading

Where’s the checkbook?


Image courtesy of ddpavumba/FreeDigitalphotos.net

When it comes to idiocy, Jim Mullen who writes the syndicated column entitled the “Village Idiot” has nothing on me. My antic, which I am about to describe, ranks right up there with the best of his. It all started at Fred Meyer’s when I received a telephone call on my cell phone. Those blasted things annoy the devil out of me. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why I even have one, but I do. Anyway, as I was making my shopping rounds the phone rang. It was from my insurance agent. In… Continue reading

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