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HeadShot_burnedGreetings, blog followers.  For the past several posts, I have been concentrating on current events and the way things are in the world and in our country.  I’ve decided the country is going to hell in a hand basket; too many of our politicians (in both major political parties)are either disingenuous or downright dishonest and corrupt. The same holds true  for many department head bureaucrats and the judiciary and there is nothing I can do about it, so I’m shifting gears a bit and going back to writing about the way things were in… Continue reading

A BIT OF NOSTALGIA—Fishin’ For Chubs—A preview of Stories to Come

HeadShot_burnedToday begins the preview series I spoke of in the  post that precedes this one; a series of short stories circa the 1940s decade.  This is another Buddy story, but this one is told in first person point of view instead of third, because it’s being told by a grown up Buddy.  I wanted, also, to test my skill at writing in first person.  I’ve always heard that first person narrative is more difficult.  So we’ll see how I do. Following is a preliminary unedited preview of things to come.… Continue reading

Farewell My Love—A Soliloquy

HeadShot_burnedGreetings friends.  Back in the year 2000, Bill Corbett wrote a tribute to a dying friend that he had known all his life. I posted that tribute on this blog a couple years ago. With Bill’s permission, I’d like to share that piece with you once more.  I think it is even more  apropos today.  Bill has given me permission to edit it just a bit to more appropriately fit the times. One of those changes is to change it from a soliloquy to a pending obituary. So without… Continue reading


Shadow Revolution Flyerand all five e-reader devices. 

Will Edwinson 2015What you have just read above is a flyer that gives a short synopsis of my latest novel.  I will hand these out at book signings,  and I also insert one into every bill that I pay by mail.

The situation today being what it is with the country being so ideologically divided this story seems apropos for the times.  As the flyer asks: a fantasy, or is it?  Could it portend a repeat of history?  There is an old axiom that says, “those who… Continue reading

Episode eight of SHADOW REVOLUTION preview

Shadow Revolution Final e-book cover Greetings, friends.  The preview of SHADOW REVOLUTION continues with an excerpt from Chapter Thirteen.  


The cabinet room hummed with speculation and anticipation. President Holmes had let it be known beforehand that a matter of special importance would be on the agenda today. He arrived a couple of minutes before the scheduled meeting-time and called the meeting to order promptly at… Continue reading

More About Shadow Revolution—A preview of my forthcoming novel.

Will Edwinson PhotoIn  an earlier blog I mentioned my new novel,  SHADOW REVOLUTION, that will be released later this spring, or early summer. I’d like to talk a bit more about that in this and subsequent posts where  I will be bringing you a synopsis of the story with little snippets;  little teasers, if you will, to try to pique your interest in the story.

What if There Were A 21st Century Revolution and civil war in the United States?  What would life be like if such a scenario were to develop? .

EPISODE ONE: … Continue reading


Reminisce III was rummaging through a copy of Reminisce Magazine looking for ideas that would spark the little grey cells into action, and bring forth something for another post to this blog.  It turned out to have a wealth of information.  Rather than center on one or two memories, this post contains a hodge-podge triggered by that issue of Reminisce.

For instance, one article contained a segment on the sound booths in the record stores of yesteryear.  I wonder how many remember those?   I had forgotten about them until I read that article.… Continue reading


Shadow Revolution Final e-book coverWhat if there were a 21st. century-style revolution in the United States?  This is the subject of Will Edwinson’s new spellbinding novel entitled SHADOW REVOLUTION. Titus Coppard and the revolutionists have had it with over-regulation and government encroachment into their private lives. An exodus to 18 Western states by these like-minded people ensues for the purpose of gaining ideological control of the respective legislatures and seceding  from the Union to form the new “Free States of North America.

Will this start another civil war if the old United States declares war on the new Free States.… Continue reading

When Do Fiction Writers Become Actors?


This post first appeared on the Blue Sage Writers of Idaho blog, a group of which I am a member.


In the past I have written about the many hats writers wear. Today I’m going to write about another of those hats—acting. When do fiction writers become actors?  I believe it’s when they put that first word of their story into the word processor; then again when they read their work aloud.  Acting, as I see it, has two sides.  One side involves development of the characters; assuming their identity, taking on their characteristics, etc., which… Continue reading

More About Old Henry

Greetings, folks:

As promised, here is the  continuing the saga of Old Henry.  As you will recall, I mentioned in my last post that with all the surgical procedures and other treatments from the computer doctor, I had hoped Henry would be back up to full par action again. I’m sorry to report that the old boy suffered a relapse, and like a tired old work horse who has seen better days, I had to put him out to pasture.  Hopefully, he lived out his last days in peace with someone less demanding… Continue reading

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