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My Battle With Old Henry The Computer

Man shouting

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Those who know me intimately, know that computers and I have a tenuous relationship at best. A few years ago there was an ongoing series of battles between my computer and me; the result being, I was constantly shouting at the stubborn beast. I later learned that I may have been a wee bit too hard on the old boy, and maybe I owed old Henry an apology.   Henry is the moniker I had affectionately given to my computer—or maybe not so affectionately, since he was a constant source of frustration for me.… Continue reading

A Day For Smelling the Roses

Smelling the Rose

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Sometimes we need to take time to stop and smell the roses.  I had the opportunity to do just that a couple of years or so ago.  It was when I still lived in Idaho. I belong to a small writer’s group made up of writer’s from Pocatello and Idaho Falls in which I still maintain my membership from afar.  The group usually has a couple of outings a year, a summer picnic and a Christmas party.

 That year’s summer picnic was hosted by one of our members at his… Continue reading

Head Hopping orJumping—Bad, or Is It?

Green Cabbage Head

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Blue Cabbage Head

I’ll start this post by saying I claim no expertise for my comments on the subject.  I speak only from my personal point of view (pun intended) and my observations.  The topic is one that I think many writers struggle with, myself included. Some of what I’m about to say smacks in the face of accepted conventional wisdom,  but then I’m known among my friends and peers for questioning  so-called conventional wisdom, so here goes. 🙂 I will be using the… Continue reading

Writer vs. Storyteller

2004-04-09 Writer I

Will Edwinson–Writer

2004-04-09 Story Teller I

Will Edwinson Story Teller with Grandson

There are writers, and there are storytellers.  What’s makes the two different? I have my own take on that.  First of all let me make it clear that the point of this blog is not to diminish the importance of the syntax part of writing   A good story teller must also be a good writer.

To me, the difference between the two is a matter of style.  One takes a very structured approach with a an outline and a plot plan;  the other… Continue reading

Linda Sandifer Interview

Linda Sandifer

Linda Sandifer

Last Rodeo Cover

Raveled Ends of Sky Cover


Greetings friends.  I have a treat for you today.  This post consists of an interview with a writer colleague, Linda Sandifer.  Linda  is the author of thirteen novels. Her books, set in the American West, have found fans  among both women and men and have been translated into numerous languages. Linda and her husband own and operate the ranch her grandfather homesteaded 100 years ago. She’s a member of Western Writers of America, Women  Writing the West, and the Blue Sage Writers of Idaho.

Will:   I’ve known you… Continue reading

The Many Hats Writers Wear


A farm owner wears many hats. One day he might be a heavy equipment operator,  another day a truck driver or a mechanic.  Yet on another day you will find him on the telephone wearing his CEO hat negotiating a commodity sale, or the purchase of a piece of equipment. Still another day he might be found in the office doing the books and paying the bills. I know all this because that’s how I made my living.

When I became a writer I soon learned that writers, too, are called upon to stretch themselves and don many… Continue reading

Where’s my old typewriter?

140443877I was born 50 years too early to grasp all this high tech computer stuff. Yes, folks, I’ve been in another battle with my computer, and it won again—well, at least partially. The battle ensued over my interpretation of the meaning of the word “text.” Webster describes text as a body of written words. That’s how I have always interpreted its meaning; but apparently not the computer geeks who write software programs.

It all began when I decided to do a revision, and re-write my first published novel, “A Halcyon Revolution.” This would have been a piece of cake were… Continue reading

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