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Could Dr. Ben Carson Be The George Washington and Abe Lincoln of The 21st Century?

Will Edwinson PhotoRight now, the United States is a deeply divided nation; one that needs some glue to mend it back together.  On the one hand we have those who are looking for a president who will steer us back to Constitutional principles of government in order to create more jobs and ensure a restoration of liberty.  On the other hand, there are those who are seemingly looking for a king and are only concerned with the continuance of the nanny state with its freebies and entitlements.

Donald Trump, on the Republican side says something on the order of, he will be the greatest job creator in the nation’s history, but says little about Constitutional principles and liberty. Hillary wants to be the first woman president, and along with her Democrat contenders,  is pushing for more  Progressive type government.

President George WashingtonWe need a uniter, someone who can pull the country back together; someone who can re-awaken the American spirit that made this the greatest nation on earth; a uniter, the likes of  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who, in my opinion, were the two greatest presidents in our history to do that.  Washington rallied the troops to unite behind the common cause of freeing the colonies from the tyranny of England, and Lincoln kept the spirit alive that brrought the nation back together during the Civil War.  Had he lived, I believe he would have kept the carpetbaggers at bay and the wounds of that war would have Abraham Lincolnhealed much sooner than they did.

Of all the presidential candidates currently in the race, I believe Dr. Ben Carson is a person who can pull this country back together and put us back on the road to greatness.  I think he has the leadership skills to dampen the racial tension deliberately created by the current acting president and his Progressive minions, and rekindle the original dream of the Founders to pull the American people back together. The Progressive movement, these many past years, has done much to dampen that original spirit of America.

Dr. Ben CarsonDr. Carson is not a professional politician as are all the other candidates currently in the race. I believe he has the leadership skills (and metaphorically speaking, the surgical skills, if you will) to instill some strong backbone into our current milquetoast so-called Republican dominated Congress.  That is if were lucky enough to retain a  majority of republican-style Republicans in the 2016 election instead of the current crop of Republicrats.

The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of republicans, the party that vows to uphold and obey the Constitution.  The current Republican Party is made up of too many RINOs, who, if they were honest, would run for office as Progressive Democrats.

I also believe Dr. Carson possesses the sound judgment  to nominate honest candidates to the Supreme Court who would judge cases based on the rule of law, rather than on their own personal bias, as is the case today.  My main caution to him is, I hope he has been in training to build up his physical and emotional strength, because he will be brutally excoriated by the left for leaving the liberal plantation of the Al Sharptons, the Jesse Jacksons, and the NAACP.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” As recorded in the gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke, Lincoln recited Jesus’ words on June, 16, 1858, at the Illinois State Republican Convention.  He used Jesus’ statement in reference to slavery;  whether the country would be half slave, or all slave.  I use it, here, in reference to liberty and freedom vs. tyranny.

The United States, today, as I see it,  has three possible options.  One, we can unite and continue on down the track we are presently travelling toward a Progressive socialist train wreck; two, we can change our national mind-set and work to unite and get back on track to return to the original principles of the Founding Fathers; or three,  perhaps future generations  may have to resort to more drastic measures and unite separately into two nations as described in my new novel,  SHADOW REVOLUTION.   You can read about it on the books page at this website.

WARNING: This is a novel liberals should read with caution.  It may cause a significant rise in their blood pressure, and I wouldn’t want that on my conscience. 🙂


Footnote: Unfortunately, since mankind is a creature  of human nature, I fear the end result will be option one.



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