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Do Dark Days Lie Ahead For The United States?

HeadShot_burnedI believe this election year may well be the tipping point for the United States of America. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn wrote a spellbinding Biblical based novel a few years ago describing the falling away from God by the Ancient Israelites around 722 B.C. In the beginning, God entered a covenant with Israel that said as long as they remained true to His ways He would always protect them. They eventually began to fall away and, after several warnings, God finally destroyed that country.  It wasn’t until twenty six and a half centuries later(1947) that He gave them another little sliver of land to call their own.

President George Washington, in his first inaugural address given on April 30, President George Washington1789, dedicated the United States into the service of God. God has blessed this nation abundantly over the last 227 years, but we, too, have fallen away in a number of ways.  We have relaxed our moral behavior (one of the Ten Commandments says thou shalt not do murder, yet we condone indiscriminant killing of innocent unborn children), we have kicked Him out of our schools; we have kicked Him off public property. Nativity scenes during the Holy Christmas season are now scorned as politically incorrect. We have even gone so far as to disallow chaplains in certain branches of our military to mention Jesus in their prayers. The list goes on and on.

Could we be facing the same fate as Ancient Israel? Will God allow the destruction of America, through a collapse of our free republic, or perhaps by an overrun by ISIS, or hordes of refugees? Or will America willingly surrender her sovereignty to eventually be swallowed up into a world government run by the United Nations?

God allowed a breech in the protective wall around Ancient Israel, and when the Assyrians attacked, instead of turning back to God, the Israelites acted in defiance and said we will rebuild bigger and stronger than before. They continued to ignore the warnings until they were eventually driven from their land. Just as in the Harbinger, God has given the U.S. an opportunity to turn back to His ways.  According to author Cahn, we have had several warnings, beginning with 9/11 and several occurring events since then, i.e., the Wall Street crash of 2008, being another of them.

I believe He [God]even went so far as to offer up a presidential candidate in the Dr. Ben Carsonperson of Dr. Ben Carson who I believe is  truly a God-fearing man who sees the real problem we face in America—that of our falling away.  But because He [God] has given us our free agency, He didn’t cast any special blessing on Dr. Carson to assure him of the nomination. That would have come later if he [Dr. Carson] had secured the nomination. By rejection of Dr. Carson as this year’s presidential candidate, I believe the people have shown that they are not interested in turning back to God; just as in the Harbinger when the Ancient Israelites were defiant. In their defiance of God’s warning they said: “we will rebuild and become stronger than ever.”  We, too, remained defiant. We uttered the same words, almost exactly, as did the Ancient Israelites. (The new Freedom Tower, I understand, will be a few feet Freedom Towerscan0018taller than the original Twin Towers.)

So we shall see what lies ahead in our destiny.  Had we accepted Dr. Carson, I believe God would have lifted him up and anointed him in his task.  He is a very intelligent man, and much more astute than people give him credit for.  With God’s help, I believe he might have made some progress to stop this juggernaut before the train wreck.  But alas, defiance Train Wreckrules the day.  Perhaps what we need is another revolution similar to the one following the Declaration of Independence.


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