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Fall, A Beautiful Time of Year. A guest post by Rube.


Rube's 1941 Black Ford pickup truck

Rube’s 1941 Ford Pickup Truck, Gertrude

Greetings friends.  Rube is back today with another of his guest posts.  He particularly asked me if he could post today, because today, September 21st,. , has special meaning for him.  Before we get into his post, however, let me take a few minutes to bring the late comers to this blog up to speed about Rube.

Rube and I have been friends all our lives.  We were actually born on the same day.  He didn’t enjoy the same luxury as I of being born into a somewhat prosperous family.  His family was poor, and consequently Rube quit school after he finished eighth grade to go to work to help the family finances.  He Worked odd jobs around town until he was old enough to work for the railroad.  He got a job on the section crew, took a lot of night classes, and eventually became foreman of a crew.  His manner of speaking isn’t as sophisticated as that of the rest of us, but this doesn’t mean he’s not educated.  I don’t edit his posts, because if I did, Rube just wouldn’t be Rube.

In many respects, he’s much better educated than some of us.  Like my late father-in-law used to say, too many people with so-called advanced degrees are educated beyond their intelligence, anyway. Rube is very intelligent,  with a bit of dry sense of humor.  He reads a lot, and has a good old down to earth common sense approach to life.  When you have the time, try clicking onto the “Rube’s Ramblin’s” category link on this blog and read his other posts.  I think you’ll enjoy his down to earth philosophy.  So, now without further ado, here’s Rube.

Howdy, folks.  I’m back with another post fer ya to read.   Today is the first day of Fall.  I love Fall here in Southeast Ideeho;  it’s a beautiful time of the year, and my favorite.  I think as how the good Lord in His wisdom, gave us this time of year fer a good reason.  He knowed life was  gonna be full of problems and stresses, and  He figgered we needed a little spell to wind down, so that’s why He gave us this here Fall season.   Like Will’s daddy used to say, he liked Fall because it was warm enough to feel warm, and cool enough to feel cool.  Spring is nice, too, but not quite like fall. I reckon I have to agree, with Will senior.

The Good Lord’s paint brush spreads its beautiful colors all across the landscape.  Harvesters reap, as  ripe golden fields of grain wave in the gentle breeze.  I look up in the sky and see the geese a bunchin’ up and  honkin’, gittin’ ready fer their trip to the warm climes of the south fer the winter.  I breathe in the clean crisp fall air; and it’s like what Will’s daddy said—not too hot, not too cold—just right. The hot days of summer are over, and we usually have the month of October to enjoy the Indian Summer before the winter snows begin to fly in November.

I like to sit on the river bank a danglin’ my fish hook in the water on a warm fall Satidy or Sunday afternoon, just a lazyin’ in the sun as my line floats by on the slow ripplin’ water.  I enjoy them delicious wild duck and goose dinners the Fall season afords us.  Ah, yes, Fall, that beautiful restin’ time between the hot days of summer, an’ the frigid days of ice and snow that comes with winter.  Yessir, there’s nuthin’ to compare with Fall.  That’s why it’s my favorite season.

See ya next time. –Rube

Rube image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design – lcorbett@cableone.net

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