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Gutless Wonder Republicans—or Maybe I should say Republicrats.

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Following are excerpts from a column I wrote for the Idaho State Journal a few years ago, which  are still apropos today.

John Boehner

Republicrat John Boehner

Mitch McMonnell

Republicrat Mitch McConnell

When I was in the farming business, we had a term for tractors and trucks that weren’t up to the task of pulling or transporting the loads we expected of them. We referred to them as “gutless wonders.” We have Republican members of Congress to whom I would give that same moniker. The United States is facing major crises and these politicians are not up to the challenge.    House Speaker John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to name two. They are more liberal Democrat than Republican, which earns them the title of “Republicrats.” I would have to include some current Republicrat presidential candidates in this same category ,also, as well as other Republicrats in the House and Senate.  They act like cowardly wimps whenever anything controversial springs up—afraid to say or do what really needs to be said or done.  In my estimation, the Republican Party is dying by its own hand.

Raising the national debt ceiling is back in the news these days.  The United States is on the brink of bankruptcy, and even if we raise the debt limit there is no guarantee that we will be able to borrow any more money.  We have already been downgraded from a AAA rating to AA,  and if we keep going as we have been, the likelihood of being downgraded again is a distinct possibility.

As I see it, the simplest solution to this malaise is a straight across the board small percentage spending cut in all departments of government (starting tomorrow) and I mean everybody participates, from government employees, entitlement recipients, government retirees (including members of Congress and former Presidents), Social Security recipients, Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, corporate subsidies, etc.—the whole nine yards.  Everyone shares the burden.

I believe the military can do some belt tightening as well without jeopardizing national security. The long term would include a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and the elimination of base-line budgeting. For those who are unfamiliar with base-line budgeting, it is the automatic 8 percent increase in government spending every year that currently exists, and was put in place several years ago during the long reign when Democrats controlled Congress.

The elimination of base-line budgeting in itself would stop the annual automatic increase in government spending by 160 billion dollars based on a two trillion dollar budget. This is without any actual spending cuts.  Eliminating base-line budgeting would also help stem inflation, as well.  And if anyone actually believes the so-called “official” government reports that say inflation has been under control the last several years, I’ve got some beautiful waterfront property in the Arizona Sonora Desert you might be interested in.

I heard it reported the U.S. currently takes in $200 billion every month(that’s 200 thousand million dollars per month, folks, or to put it another way, 2.4 trillion dollars per year.) So if we were to adopt this spending cut plan, I suspect there would be no need to borrow more money to meet our current debt payments, thus eliminating any danger that we would have to default on our current debt payments if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.

Our present, and I believe, illegitimate, acting president said during the last budget crisis, that Social SecurityBO I recipients wouldn’t be able to be paid if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised, and we’re hearing that same old tired dogmatic prattle again this year.   BO’s statement in my mind represents   a dichotomy.  According to an interview I heard with a Republican senator, he stated there is currently $1.2 trillion in the Social Security fund, enough money to fully fund all Social Security payments for three years.   That same senator said some of those treasury bills can be sold to cover the current Social Security payment due.  But here’s the dichotomy, as I see it.  That money is already part of the government debt. On the one hand, those treasury notes are an asset to the Social Security fund , but are a liability (debt) of the U. S. Treasury.

I suppose some of those treasury notes could be offered for sale to cover current S.S. payments provided  someone is willing to purchase them.  But if no one were willing to purchase them, what good would it do to increase the debt ceiling? If no one wants the Social Security Treasury notes, why would they want any new issues of treasury notes? All the more reason why we shouldn’t be increasing the debt ceiling. But is gutless wonder Republicrat leadership pushing back on this?—No, not that I’ve seen any evidence of.

Repulicrat Logo

Republicrat Logo

We are approaching an actual debt ceiling based on “reality,” however; the reality that we are no longer a good credit risk. This is where my problem with establishment  Republicans  (gutless wonder Republicrats) arises. I’m concerned they don’t have the guts to stand firm for a showdown. Instead of trying to curry political favor with the media and the liberal to moderate voters, they should do what is right for the country. There are those who will say that my budget cut suggestions are draconian and mean spirited; that they will be “on the backs of the less fortunate”(more tired old dogma of the liberals). Granted, there would be some hard adjustments for everybody, but hard times that are necessary if this nation is to continue as an example of excellence to the rest of the world.

It’s time we stop kicking the problem down the road for our grandkids to fix. That would be a grave injustice to them, because if that happens, I predict there won’t even be a United States as we have known it for our grandkids to fix. If we stand firm now, it will be a rough ride for a few years, but not nearly as rough as Train Wreckthe inevitable “train wreck” we are headed for  if we don’t slow down this reckless spending spree. One last point I would also make is that the U.S. dollar is on the brink of losing its status of the reserve currency of the world.  If that happens, it’s Katy bar the door. Get ready for the train wreck. The only justice I can see in such a train wreck is that the gutless politicians will also have to live with their own follies, because in all likelihood the perks they have provided for themselves will fade away with the crash also. ( Now, that would be real justice.)  🙂

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