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Halloween and Trick or Treat

IMG_1557If I weren’t such a digital retard, I would have some priceless photos to share with you today.  As it is, I’ll just have to settle with telling you about it.  On Halloween night I was delegated the chore of handing out Halloween treats while my daughter and  son-in-law took my six year old grandson out trick or treating.

What I mean about being a digital retard is that if I would have had any knowledge of how to fashion a digital hidden camera so that it would have captured the expressions of these little spooks after hearing my response to their threat of  a trick if I didn’t provide them with a treat.  I’m what you might call a technophobe. I don’t own an I-pod, I-pad, or even a smart phone. and don’t particularly want to.  I’m perfectly content with my dinosaur cell phone. It’s  even a pre-flip phone.  About all you can do on it is talk.  Just like the old fashioned telephone.  But I digress. Back to my story.

I don’t think these little spooks of today have any idea of the meaning of the phrase “trick or treat,” so I decided to have a little fun with them.  When the doorbell rang and I answered, I was usually greeted with a loud “TRICK OR TREAT?” To the little kiddies I graciously presented a treat, but to the kids who were about nine or ten, and older, my response was: “Hmmmm, What’s the trick?”

Blank open mouthed stares.

Then I said to them. “If you’re going to do me a trick if I don’t give you a treat, what’s the trick?”

More silence, with more blank stares.

“We don’t know what you mean,” they would say.

By that time, I broke out into a big grin, and told them I guess I would have to see if I could find them some kind of treat.  I walked back to the candy bowl and brought forth the goodies.

But as I said, each time I did this, the surprised expressions were priceless.  I wish I had some pictures.

Now when I was a youngster, we knew what the meaning of “trick or treat” really was. Rarely did we have to resort to theJack o lantern trick, but we were prepared, usually for those who were not home, or who refused to answer the door.  The standard trick was to soap their windows.  Some of the more larcenous kids used paraffin wax, but Mon nixed that for  me.  She said paraffin was close to impossible to get off glass, and she didn’t want me having any part of doing that.

The little town where we lived during the mid 1940s still had a few families that used outhouses, and occasionally one or two of those got tipped over. That was usually the extent of the tricks in those days.

My memory is a little fuzzy about the treat in those days.  I don’t recall carrying a bucket or a pillow case to carry our treats.  I think the standard fare was a good old shiny (or maybe not so shiny) copper penny.  Oh…well.  As Rube would say:

See Ya next time.


The Grim ReaperOh… but before I leave you, I would like to tell you a little bit about my new novel I have coming out in a few short weeks. It’s entitled LOUISA—Iron Dove Of The Frontier.  It’s a story loosely based on a few years in the life of Louisa Houston-Earp.  LouIsa is part Cherokee Indian and truly is an Iron Dove.  She can wrangle little dogies and cattle with the best of cowboys, get down and dirty when necessary, and fight with the dirtiest of gutter rats.   Then she can put on a party dress and be perfectly comfortable with Vassar graduates.  She even plays classical piano music in frontier saloons, and with her charming and disarming personality, she gets the cowboys  to like her music.  I think you’ll like LouIsa.

You can read more about her by clicking on the “Books” link or the “In The Works” link at the top of this webpage.  You will also find a few excerpts from the novel there also.  Enjoy.  The book will be on at amazon.com in both print version and e-book.

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