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Are We Americans Bein’ Brainwashed?—A Guest Post by Rube

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Will Edwinson

Greetings friends. Well the holiday season is behind us, we’re into a new year, and it’s time to move on to other things. Rube has another guest post today that I think you might find interesting. Speaking of Rube, I’ve had some readers tell me he is a little difficult to read because he writes the way he speaks. I understand their dilemma. As I mentioned early on, though, Rube only completed eighth grade in school, so his manner of speaking or writing isn’t quite as polished as that of the rest of us. This does not mean, however, that Rube is uneducated.  On the contrary, he has educated himself on many topics, and he is a thinker.

I also mentioned earlier, that I haven’t edited Rube’s posts, because I thought by doing so, he would cease to be Rube. But in light of readers’ concerns, I asked Rube if it would be okay with him if I edited his work just a little. Not enough to take his voice out of his writing, but just enough to make it a little easier to read. He said that was okay with him, so I have edited this post just a wee bit. He has some good points that may ruffle a few feathers because he says what he thinks.  I respect that about Rube, and that’s why I’m happy to provide him a venue for speaking his mind. I think his comments are well worth reading. So without further ado, here’s Rube.



Howdy, agin, folks.

Have we Americans been hornswoggled and brainwashed by them people on the left inta believin’ we’re a nation of racists?  I reckon we have, but I’m also  a thinkin’ that’s just a bunch a nonsense, folks.  To my way a thinkin’ there ain’t but  one race of people on this here planet—all made by the same God—an’ that’s the human race.

There are different segments of people within that race, some good and some bad, but we’re all of the same  race. Some has white skin, some has dark skin;  and there are any number of different shades in between, but we’re  still all of the same race.  We’re all human’s, folks, an’ there ain’t no changin’ that.  I reckon as how anyone who tries to separate different races outa that are the real racists, to my way a thinkin’.  Now I will admit that there are some rednecks in the country that treats certain segments of the population with disrespect, but them rednecks are in the minority.

Them  left wing liberals  are a tryin’ to put us other folks in what they thinks is our place by a callin’ us a bunch a racists when we disagrees with what that feller Mr. Obama is tryin’ to pull off, and when we call him out for his lyin to us.

Well…I’m  gonna turn the tables on ’em and suggest that to my way a thinkin’ if’n you want to use the traditional way of describin’  racists, them liberals are the real racists, but they ain’t willin’ to admit it. They’re the ones that categorizes people.  They go around  pattin’ themselves on the back for what they think is their tolerance; but ya see folks, the difference between them liberals and the rest of us is that they look at a person of color, or a so-called minority ethnic group, and they see a person of color or a minority ethnic group–not a regular human bein’.

They think them folks ain’t capable of makin’ it on their own, and they’re a wantin’  them folks dependent on them fer help, and to my way of thinkin’, that’s racist.  The rest of us look at those same people and we see a human bein’ due the same treatment as anyone else. That means treatin’ ‘em with respect when they deserve it, but callin’ ’em down when they deserve that too.

Ya see folks, the way I see it, them folks what voted for and supported that Obama feller, did it because he was the first so-called black man to run fer president, and they wanted to ta be a part of electin’ the first black president; not accordin’ to his qualifications fer the job, but because he wuz a black man. To my way a thinkin’, folks, that makes them the racists because they don’t see him as just a human bein’; they see him as a black man.

I reckon as how  they didn’t care that he might not meet the Constitutional requirements of bein’ a natural born citizen; they didn’t care that he was against most of what America stands fer; they didn’t pay no attention to what he meant when he said he wanted to fundamentally change America; that he meant to change Ameica from a free republic to a socialist nation by redistributin’ the wealth around.

I saw some excerpts from one of his recent speeches the other day, and he sounded like a Fascist to me folks. He was a given orders to the business people in the country about what they was expected to do.  I wonder how many people understand what Fascism really is.  Socialism is where the government owns everthing;  Fascism is where the people own their own business, but the government tells ’em how to run it.  That’s the first step toward socialism, and that’s what I heard the other day in that speech of his.

That kinda thinkin’ don’t help nobody, folks.  All it does is make everbody poor. But them liberals didn’t care about that, neither, when they supported Mr. Obama.  To my way a thinkin,  all that mattered was they was  gonna  help elect the first “black” president of these here United States.

Now, I also reckon  if’n Mr. Obama could have his way, he would throw our Constitution to the wind. By his own words, he says the Constitution is a document of negative values.  Mr. BO says the Constitution only addresses what government can’t do to the people, but nothin’ about what it should do for the people.

An’ if you ask me, I’d be willin’ to bet old Gertrude against a pile of horse biscuits,  that most liberals thinks the same thing as that Obama feller. To them, government is their God, and the bigger the better.  By limitin’ the power of their God, (government) the  Constitution is the antithesis (I got that fancy word outa the dictionary) to their platform for creatin’ a utopia.

Now, I’ve told you before that I only went to eighth grade in school, but I did learn how to read, and Lordy sakes, folks, Mr. BO is exactly right about one thing!  The Constitution is  a document of negative values—sort of. The whole purpose of the Constitution was to protect the people from a tyrannical government; to limit it’s power! In fact to quote Thomas Jefferson, he said:  “I am not a friend to a very energetic government.  It is always oppressive.”

And another place where I reckon we’re bein’ horswaggled agin by them liberals on the left, folks, is that they is a tryin’ to make us believe that the Foundin’ Fathers didn’t believe in no God or Jesus; that they was all a bunch Deists, and the wall of separation that Jefferson wrote about meant  that God should be kept out of government.

Now as I understand that, it ain’t so.  They didn’t mean for God to be put aside.  (If that was so, why did George Washington dedicate this country to God’s service in his first inaugural speech?) What they meant was, as I understand it,  that there would be no official government church like there was in England.  Lordy sakes, folks, that’s why they left England in the first place, so,s they could worship accordin’ their own mind in the church of their choice!

Some people say that Thomas Jefferson was a atheist.  Well…I don’t know about that; the followin’ quote don’t sound to me like one a atheist would make.

“God who gave us life gave us liberty.  And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties  are of the gift of  God?  That they are  not to be violated but with His wrath?  Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

But I will say this, folks, atheist or not, I reckon he was a visionary with a heap of foresight.  I’ll close this piece with another one of his quotes.

“And the day will come when the mystical generation (creation) of Jesus, by the Supreme Being [notice he didn’t say a Supreme  Being here,  he said the Supreme Being] as His Father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation (creation) of Minerva, in the brain of Jupiter.”  (The word creation in parentheses wuz added by me)

Now I ask ya, is that the quote of a atheist, or is it the quote of a visionary prophet who saw a nation that would eventually turn away from God and reject Him like the Ancient Israelites did? I’m a gonna leave that up to you to decide.  Whatever, context of this quote you choose, it pretty much describes what is a goin’ on in America today.  We as a nation is rapidly tryin’ to push God and Jesus into the realm of a fable wouldn’t you say?

Now I’d like to thank Will fer  lettin’ me say my piece by givin’ his book a plug.  If you like to read about simpler slower paced times, then jump on up to upper right of this here page and click on the “free download” button and get a free copy of Will’s book called Buddy…His Trials and Treasures.  I think y’ll be glad you did.  And you kin also buy it on www.amazon.com., too.

See ya next time.


Rube’s image courtesy of Lori Corbett — Third Raven Design –lcorbett@cableone.net  



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