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Headin’ Fer Hell on The Fast Track Express—A Guest Post by Rube

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings, again, followers.  Well, Rube is weighing in again today with another commentary about the state of affairs in the country as he sees them.  So, as usual, with no further ado, here is Rube.


Howdy, folks.  When I was a little shaver, my Daddy had an expression he liked to use whenever he got upset with the politicians.  He would say: “The country’s goin’ to hell  in a handcart.

I reckon as how he was right about that, since them progressives began to get ahold of the country around 1913 things been goin’ downhill ever since.  It started out kinda slow in the beginnin’, but I reckson as how things have speeded up a mite the last twenty years or so.  Now, I reckon as how we have left the slow bumpy hand cart trail and jumped onto the fast track railway express.

We have politicians who don’t pay no attention to the Constitution when they pass laws; and some of em’ don’t even pay no attention to the laws after they pass ’em.  Fer instant, look at all them politicians that we read about in the newspapers or hear about on the TV and radio who haven’t paid their income taxes fer years, but nothin’ seems to happen to ’em.  (They even exempted themselves from Obamacare.  If’n it was such a godsend, why wasn’t they the first ones to sign up fer it?)

We have a U.S. Attorney General that says he won’t enforce laws that he don’t agree with, and we have a man  servin’ as our president who don’t pay no attention to the Constitution he swore to uphold.  There is even strong evidence that indicates the birth certificate he presented is a computer generated forgery.

I also reckon as how we have politicians in both political parties who are willin’ to grant amnesty citizenship to illegal aliens in hopes that they will gain their votes in the upcomin’ elections.  I reckon as how the them Republicans thinks if they are made citizens, they will vote Republican.  Well Lordy sakes, folks, them Republicans must have a tub over their heads if they really believe that, because they don’t seem to see the light of day.  Don’t they know most of them illegal immigrants are probably already votin’, and 80% of ’em, or more, are already votin’ Democrat, so why do them Republicans think that just because them illegals become citizens, they are gonna change the way they vote.  Even old Forrest Gump who is a certified bona fide idiot can figger that one out.   And don’t none of you folks, whether you’re liberals or conservatives, go callin’ me a racist because you think I’m  pickin’ on Hispanics.  Illegal is illegal no matter what one’s ethnic origin is, and it appears that most of them illegals come from Mexico through our southern border.

Old Jake Doonuttin down at the coffee klatch says I’m all wet in my way of thinkin’.  He says them Democrats is only a tryin’ to give everbody in the country an even break. He reckons as how the Republicans and conservatives in this country are a bunch of greedy vultures playin’ on the misfortunes of the poor.  He says them Democrats are only trying to level the playin’ field so’s everdody has an even chance.  The only problem with his way of thinkin’, as I see it is, that instead of providin’ upward mobility fer everbody (includin’ the rich) they want to pull the rich down.  This will only make everbody poor, because I reckon as how if they took the entire wealth of all the so-called rich folks in he country and distributed it equally to everbody in the country, it wouldn’t raise nobody’s standard of livin’ by enough to make that much of a difference. Then what happens when there ain’t no more rich people to take from.

I reckon as how where old Jake’s thinkin’ is wrong headed, is that instead of them Democrats thinkin’ like that fairy tale character Robin Hood who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, they should be teachin’ them poor folks that they have the potential to do better.  All they need is a little encouragement and a heap of motivation, and they can become rich themselves instead of dependin’ on goverment  to take care of ’em.  The Foundin’ Fathers feared a powerful goverment and realized government is never benevolent, folks; never has been, never will be,  and that’s all I’m a gonna say about that.  See ya next time.

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