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I SMELL DEAD FISH!—A Guest Post by Rube

HeadShot_burnedGreetings folks.  Wow, I just realized I hadn’t made a post to this blog in over a month.  My…how time flies when you get old.

But I digress.

Rube e-mailed me early this morning after he read a news report that said Kasich was pulling out of the Republican presidential race.  “Will,” he said, “I reckon as how I smell somethin’ a goin’ on with the Republicans.”

He then went on to ask if he could put another guest post on my blog.  I told him, “Sure, by all means.”

So here is Rube again, with another of his sage posts.

Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy folks.  Well, I’m back to put another post on Will’s blog.  I reckons as how I think there is some hanky-panky a goin’ on with the RNC and them establishment Republicans.  Yesterday, we learned that Ted Cruz feller is a pullin’ out o’ presidential race, and then agin this mornnin’ I read on the news page where that John Kasich is also a pullin’ out o’ the race.  Now that puts me to wonderin’ what’s a goin’ on here.

I reckon as how it seems a bit more than coincidental that these two men suddenly decide ta pull outa the race at the same time.  My suspicious nature tells me there is somethin’ a goin’ on behind the scenes to derail the Trump campaign.  I reckon as how the folks at RNC and the Chamber of Commerce want things ta go on just like they been goin’ for the last forty years or so. and they’re afraid that Mr. Trump feller is a goin’ ta throw a monkey wrench into that machinery and wreck the whole dang machine and they’re a cookin’ up a scheme ta stop him.

Republicrat Logo IISo, I’m a reckonin’ they is conspirin’ the very moment I’m a writin’ this piece ta force a brokered convention in July to take the nomination away from Mr. Trump.  They want another Mitt Romney or John McCain, or even maybe that Paul Ryan feller, who are more establishment type big government left of center Republicrats.

Now lest you think I’m a writin’ this post from the perspective of bein a Trump supporter, I was supportin’ Dr. Ben Carson until he pulled outta the race.  Since then, I just been watchin’ ta see how things shake out.  As for that Cruz feller, I like what he stands for, but I just couldn’t support him because I reckon as how he ain’t a natural born citizen.  I know a good many of you think I’m full o’ baloney about that, but I have it on purty good constitution authority that he ain’t a natural born citizen.

Ya see folks he’s a basin’ his eligibility on case law decisions, and case law don’t amend the Constitution, and accordin’ to the Constitutional authority I spoke about earlier,  in order to be a natural born citizen both your parents need to be citizens at the time of your birth.  Mr. Cruz’ daddy was not a U.S. citizen at the time.  His daddy was Canadian, I believe.

I reckon as how we already let one person get away with that, and if our Constitution means anything, we can’t let that happen agin.  That B O feller’s mama may have been a U. S. citizen, but his Daddy was not,  and there is some discrepancy about that B O feller’s Hawaii birth certificate.  An investigation from a local law enforcement office uncovered evidence that indicated that B O feller’s birth certificate might be a multi-layered computer generated forgery.

So all I’m a sayin’, folks, is that if’n that Trump feller gets enough delegates from the primary elections, the people will have spoken, and the RNC better not do nuthin to take the nomination away from him or the RNC will have hell ta pay, ta my way a thinkin’.   I reckon as how that will be the suicidal bullet to the head that kills the Republican Party.  The Republican Party has already been a takin’ small doses of arsenic poison fer the last fifty years slowly a killin’ itself off.

As I see it, I reckon as how the Republicans has been out strategized by the Democrats, and they[the Republicans] has been a slowly dyin’  by their own hand for years.  They been morphin’ over ta the Democrats way a thinkin; and it’s killin’ em.  Now as I see it, they need ta stop takin’ this arsenic poison, and switch to bein subversive just like the Democrats has been a doin’ fer the last several years.  Ya see, folks, where I reckon as how them Democrats has outsmarted the Republicans is because they have infiltrated.  In states and districts where they knew a Democrat couldn’t be elected, they went underground and switched parties in name only.  They became RINOs but voted with the Democrats on major issues. The Republicans should have been doin’ the same thing years ago.  if they had done that I reckon as how we mighta been able ta maintain a little balance and slowed down the Progressive movement in the country. As it is, I reckon as how it may be too late.

Ta switch gears just a mite, all the so-called polls says that Trump feller will be wiped out by that Hillary lady even though they both have negative ratings with the people in a general election.  Ain’t it ironic that we have two negative rated candidates running in the same election.  We’d be a votin’ fer what we thought was the least of two evils. Well, all I got ta say about that is, we know if that Hillary lady wins, it will be a third B O term.

I reckon as how most folks don’t remember 1948.  Most of the folks a votin’ this year probably weren’t even born in 1948, but I remember it well.  All the polls had that Dewey feller winning by a landslide, but just the opposite happened.  So don’t put too much stock in them polls that says that that Hillary lady will trounce Mr. Trump.  It could be 1948 all over agin. 🙂

See ya next time,


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