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A Guest Post From  My Colleague, Bill Corbett

According to the definition of fascism attributed to Dr. Thomas Sowell, we very well might be. One of the principles of fascism as Dr. Sowell is alleged to have described it, is that under socialism, or communism, all business is owned by the government. Fascism, although a dictatorship, allows private ownership of businesses, but controls the operation of those businesses.

In other words, private ownership of business is allowed, but the government dictates how that business will be run. With all the existing government mandates in place, are we not close to this situation in the United States today?

The next step, as I see it, will be to nationalize all corporate business. I wonder how the media nincompoops will react when the government takes complete control of all broadcasting and news agencies in the country. What they write and broadcast, will be under the total dictates of government.

Their salaries will be under the total dictates of some government agency, and I feel very confident in saying there will be no more multi-million dollar annual salaries for anyone—including professional athletes and entertainers.(which in my opinion, for those salaries, this wouldn’t be all that bad—especially athletes).The Progressives are steadily moving the U.S. from a representative republic to a so-called socialist democracy

So, I say to American liberals, keep on listening to the Saul Alinsky lullaby and continue to let it lull you to sleep. When you awaken from your catatonic sleep, you may discover that you have just what you want. Majority rules, so this is fair, right?

Well, how about three foxes and two lambs taking a vote on what’s for dinner. I don’t think it takes much intelligence to figure out how that vote would go, but the majority rules so that makes it totally fair, right? The Founding Fathers understood that pure democracy is tyranny, that’s why they gave us a representative republic with checks and balances.

But as John Adams, our second president said, our Constitution was made for a religious and moral people. So even with the checks and balances built into our representative republic, it, too, will fail if the people continue to vote Saul Alinsky nihilist style corruption into power.


  • Yes, our republic as envisioned by the Founding Fathers is rapidly becoming socialist and close to communist; the names have just changed to hide the truth. Just as global warming changed to climate change to fool people into buying the hoax, communism is now called progressive-ism by the liberals behind the tricks and slow decay of our freedoms. So the trickster Bernie Sanders is the Pied Piper who leads the young into thinking that if the government pays for their college and other programs they will be way ahead, not realizing their freedom goes with the buyout with someone else’s money.
    Read the books on America, a Covenant Nation, Washington Hypothesis, and Lincoln Hypothesis by Timothy Ballard, and you will see the warnings of what will happen to this nation if we, like other nations that have fallen away from the worship of God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ, will also fall into Satan’s trap which takes away our freedom and crushes us into submission. This nation was founded under the direction of “Providence” as the founders usually referred to Him, for the very purpose of Restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and putting temples here and around the world. These books make that very clear with abundant documentation from so many scholars and obvious conclusions by the author, who is himself a scholar and man of much experience though still quite young.

    • Thank you for your comment Sharilee.

    • The current whistle is that healthcare is a right, or maybe I should correct this and awknowldge the left has been chanting this for sometime. When people accept that rights are given from a another equal individual(s), they have crossed through the door into also accepting communism. Rights are not given from man (or ladies) for a purpose. The apple is poisonous no matter how red and delicious it appears. People that use confindence swindles to achieve power are as evil now as they have ever been through the history of “mankind”. Consider the swindled being the majority. What a world we are heading toward.

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