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I THINK I Figgered Out The Donald’s Strategy—A guest Post by Rube

HeadShot_burnedGreetings friends: In an earlier post I mentioned that I was going to refrain from writing about current events for a while.  However, in a post script, I mentioned that Rube would still be contributing from time to time.  This is one of those times.  So here’s Rube.  Enjoy.

Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy agin, folks.  It’s been a spell since I wrote on Will’s blog, but I’m back fer another one.  I hope you enjoy it.

That feller Donald Trump has been a leadin’ in the polls fer quite a spell, now, in spite of the liberal socialist media and the establishment Republicans’ efforts to shoot him down.  Ever day, all them liberals in the media, and the establishment Republicrats keep sayin’ he has cooked his goose with what he’s been sayin’.

Well, I reckon as how they got it all wrong.  I saw a report in the news just the other day with a headline that read: “Old Guard Republicans” fallin’.  I reckon as how I don’t quite understand the meanin’ of that headline.   I reckon as how the truth of the matter is, it ain’t the old guard Republicans that’s fallin’, it’s the “new guard Republicans that’s fallin’.  Mr. Trump has energized the old line Republicans and they’re expressin’ their unhappiness with the way the new guard Republicans is actin’.  I heard one feller on the radio say that more’n sixty percent of Republicans in the country feel betrayed by the current crop of Republican politicians, and I reckon as how I’m included in that sixty plus percent.

Republicrat Logo

Now I wanna tell you right here and now folks, I don’t agree with President Reagan’s 11th commandment that says” Thou shalt not speak ill of another  Republican.  This current crop of Republicrats need ta be taken out ta the woodshed.  But I reckon as how these Republicrats that are speakin’ out against that Trump feller are doin’ it fer the wrong reasons. I reckon as how they’re a tryin’ to be politically correct, which is a bunch of B.S. in my book.

Fer instant, some of them other Republicans that’s a runnin’ fer president jumped on the bandwagon of criticizin’ Mr. Trump fer sayin’ what needs ta be said about illegal immigration, and ISIS and all the other stuff that’s a goin’ on in the world, and guess what, folks, Mr. Tump’s poll numbers went up, and them other candidates’ (whats been criticizin’ him) numbers went down, which goes to show ya, that the people are sick and tired of them new guard Republicans and the way they been governin’.  They ain’t got no backbone, folks.  They’re a tryin’ to look like Republicans, but they ain’t nothin’ but  a bunch of Republicrats.

I think I figured out the Donald’s strategy, and it’s not to be president;  he really don’t want the job, and he ain’t really got time to be president, considerin’ his business interests.  No, I figger his strategy is to  energize the old guard republican-Republican base and wake up them Republicrats.

There was  two Real Republicran candidates who didn’t criticize him for his remarks, Fiorina and Carson, and them two have shot up in the polls, also. So has that Ted Cruz feller, but he seems to be havin’ some problems as to whether he is a natural born citizen.  The problem ain’t with  Senator Cruz’ citizenship; the problem is whether he is a “natural born” citizen, and the Constitution is purtyy darn specific about that.  If my understandin’ of what I been told by Constitutional authorities is correct, Senator Cruz might not meet the qualification of a natural born citizen.

I reckon as how if I understand it correctly, both parents  of a child must be citizens of the United States at the time the child was born in order for that child to be a “natural born” citizen.  It’s my understandin’ that even though Senator Cruz’ mother was a citizen at the time, his Daddy was not.  He was a Canadian citizen.   This would make Senator Cruz’ a citizen of  the United States, but not a natural born citizen.  That’s why I reckon as how that Obama feller was not legally eligible to be our president, either, because his Daddy was not a citizen of the United States when BO was born.  I don’t know fer sure, if he ever became a citizen.

Sorry for the digression, folks.   Back to what I was talkin’ before I went off on my citizenship tangent.  I reckon as how any two of them candidates I was a talkin’ about might make a good team. Fiorina might be able to rally some women voters, Carson and Cruz can probably rally both men and women, and I think deep down, that Trump feller wants one of them three for president, and  one of  the other two for vice-president.

See ya next time,


HeadShot_burnedOkay, folks, there you have Rube’s take on the current political climate in the country.  Before you go, I’d like to bring your attention to my latest novel, SHADOW REVOLUTION.  It’s a novel about a similar situation in the United States where the country is deeply divided.  The flyer below contains a short synopsis.  The book is available at amazon.com and barnes&noble.com in print version and is also available on all five e-book reader devices.  This is a book liberals should read, and one I think conservatives will enjoy.


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