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If Life Were Fair, Horses Would Ride Half of The Time—Ben Goode

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings again folks.  Well, I’m back from my road trip to Idaho.  It was a great trip.  Got to see many long-time friends, celebrated an old fashioned 4th of July in my old home town, and had a great reunion with high school classmates.  I even had a nice visit with my friend Rube.  He’s the inspiration for the title of this blog, and he asked me if he could do another guest post.  I said by all means. So without further ado, here’s Rube.

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy folks.

Will was a tellin’ me he bought a book in a restaurant in his travels and he let me read it.  There was so many good sayin’s in it I asked him if’n I could share a few of them with you here.  Followin’ are some I particarly liked.


“You could be a mouse and be stuck right near the bottom of the food chain with virtually everything trying to eat you.”


“A snake is unable to scratch where it itches.  How fair can that be?”


“If you were a weasel,  through no fault of your own, you would have a bad reputation and everyone would be trying to shoot you.”


“As we get older and older and accumulate more and more wisdom, it gets harder and harder to remember it.”


“If life were fair, men would get menstrual cramps and labor contractions.”


“If life were fair, half the guys would be attracted to homely women and vise-versa,”


“If life were fair, bugs would have little helmets enabling them to shatter windshields some of the time.”


“If life were fair, your good days would be as good as your bad ones are bad, and you would have an equal number of each.”


“If life were fair, dogs would have their turn making fleas itch.”


“If life were fair, politicians would work for a living and spend their own money.”


“If life were fair, Mr. Clean would work on dirty politicians.”


No, folks, life ain’t fair, and I reckons as how the Good Lord didn’t mean it to be.  I reckon as how “totally fair” would take away the challenges of life, and I think Mr. Goode was a tryin’ to point out that if life was totally fair, it would be pretty dull at best.   I’m kinda glad the Good Lord threw in a little unfairness along the way.

I reckon as how them liberals has got it all wrong.  Their efforts toward total fairness in my estimation, is mostly fer the purpose of makin’ themselves feel good. Instead of concentratin’ their efforts on tryin’ to make life fair for everbody, they should be  directin’ their efforts to helpin’ people meet the challenges in life, includin’ learnin’self reliance. I reckon as how fairness is a matter of attitude.  See ya next time.


P.S.  Fer you folks who like Western novels, Will told me he has a new novel comin’ out in the Fall.  The main character is Louisa Houston Earp, Sam Houston’s granddaughter, and wife of Morgan Earp. He let me read an advance copy.  She was an interestin’ lady with many sides to her personality.  I think you’ll like her.

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