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It Really Was a Black Friday–A guest post by Rube

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Greetings friends.  In view of the weekend news reports about the so-called Black Friday, Rube wanted to post a few more words on the subject.  So here’s Rube.

Howdy folks.  Yes, I’m back, and I reckon as how  I gotta make a change in my comments  of  last week.  You remember, I asked the question, why was the day after Thanksgivin’ Day called Black Friday?   You remember I said I reckoned as how the merchants  outta call it Green Friday because it was supposed to put their ledgers in the black. Well, after a seein’ all the news reports the last couple of days, I reckon as how I’ve figgered out why it’s called Black Friday–or why it should be called Black Friday, anyways.

From what I was readin’ in the news an seein’ on the TV, it surely was a Black day in America.  What’s happened to our people that they would act so animalistic,  fightin’ over items in the stores like dogs  fightin’ over a piece of meat.  They was  a pushin’ and  shovin’, and  punchin’ each other like a bunch of crazy nuts; and in addition to that, there was reports of shootin’s in the parkin’ lots over parkin’ spots so they could hurry up to join this frenzy to spend money they most likely don’t have fer things I reckon as how they don’t need —most of which I reckon is probly made in China to boot. When I watched the videos, they looked jest like a bunch of mad dogs.

In other shootin’s a person wuz shot because he wouldn’t give a man the new head phones he’d just bought;  another man wuz shot in the leg because he wouldn’t give up a new TV he was  carryin’ to his car.

One report I read about said there was an estimated 140 million people across the nation  waitin’ to participate in this here circus.  That’s a heap of people, folks; most nearly half the population of this here country!  So, yes, I’m  changin’ my thinkin’.  The day was apparently aptly named, because I reckon as how it was a black day in America.  God save us from ourselves.  See ya nex time.


Rube Image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design – lcorbett@cableone.net

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