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Well…After a long absence from this blog, I’m back. I hope you enjoy this one.

LISTEN UP, MAINSTREAM MEDIA; this post is aimed at you. I believe the main stream media in this country is falling right into the trap of the socialist Progressives. These mental retard pseudo journalists, in my mind, are actually stirring up and fomenting anarchy. They remind me of the high school trouble maker who stirs up discord between two or more high school rivals, and then stands on the sideline egging these adversaries to beat the tar out of each other. It’s my contention the media is doing its best to destroy the Trump administration in order to boost ratings, but I think this is something they will pay dearly for down the road, because these antics are actually signing the death warrants to their first amendment rights under our Constitution; and they are also jeopardizing their six and seven figure salaries with their imbecilic antics. (When they become wards of the state, those huge salaries will likely cease.)

Yesterday, I listened to President Trump’s actual comments that he made in reference to the Charlottesville fiasco, and then I heard a montage of comments from various media sources concerning those comments. The media demonstrated a very hateful bias toward President Trump, and they out and out lied about what he said. In this entire montage, I heard not one word in President Trump’s defense.

Real journalists are supposed to be set apart from the rest of society, so to speak. They are supposed to be the watchdogs that keep people on both sides of an issue in line, and not show prejudice. That is not the case today, as I see it. They have drifted dangerously to the left, jeopardizing the people’s freedom, as well as their own journalistic freedom.

Newspapers all across the country are failing financially, because readership and subscriptions are down; mainstream networks are hemorrhaging sponsors; not necessarily because sponsors disagree with the newscasts; but rather because viewership and listener ratings are down and fewer people are watching and hearing those atrociously expensive commercials, so the conclusion is, why pay out all that money for commercials that fewer people are watching. It’s the old adage, money talks..

Journalists, in my view, are a naïve bunch. They hold themselves above the fray, and they certainly don’t understand capitalism. They believe sound business practice has nothing to do with journalism. To hell with profits, they shout; they only believe in what they have to say, no matter how disingenuous are their ramblings.

When I say they are jeopardizing their journalistic freedom, I mean just that. Under communism, socialism, fascism, whatever you want to call it, Journalists are under the thumb of the state. They do, say, and write, what the state approves of.  If they don’t, there is hell to pay. These so-called journalists in the United States who I believe laud the principles of socialism could be in for a big eye opening.

They may succeed in their quest of converting this country from a free capitalist state, back to a monarchy like the one we broke away from in 1776, but it’s my contention they’ll pay one horrendous price for that conversion. The elitism, to which they feel entitled, will vanish in a heartbeat and that old three o’clock in the morning knock on the door by the men in black trenchcoats may rear its ugly head in America for those journalists who made the mistake of writing something outside the realm of approval by the government officials. Justice sometimes occurs in the least expected ways. 🙂


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