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More About Shadow Revolution—A preview of my forthcoming novel.

Will Edwinson PhotoIn  an earlier blog I mentioned my new novel,  SHADOW REVOLUTION, that will be released later this spring, or early summer. I’d like to talk a bit more about that in this and subsequent posts where  I will be bringing you a synopsis of the story with little snippets;  little teasers, if you will, to try to pique your interest in the story.

What if There Were A 21st Century Revolution and civil war in the United States?  What would life be like if such a scenario were to develop? .


I’ll begin with the Preface which states: Warning Those who ignore history are doomed to relive it. If you could choose one task at which you were assured you could not fail, what would that task be? Titus Coppard is on such a quest.

This is his story.

Shadow Revolution Final e-book coverSHADOW REVOLUTION is a political fantasy—or is it? Perhaps it portends a replay of history. It is a story about a group of people who decide to rid themselves of an overpowering government.

Be forewarned, some readers may take this story seriously, which means I have successfully spun an interesting tale. It is not a manifesto, nor is it intended to be.

It is an interesting adventure in human nature as expressed by Thomas Jefferson when he wrote in the Declaration of Independence:   ….all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they have been accustomed.” It is a politically incorrect allegory containing material hazardous to some peoples’ health in that it could cause a significant rise in their blood pressure.

Reader discretion is advised.

The characters are fictitious, the names are fictitious, or are used fictitiously, and any similarity to persons living or dead is coincidental. **************************************************************************** The revolutionists have had it with over-regulation and government encroachment into their private lives.  They try to elect people to Congress who will steer the country back to original principles of the Constitution, but to no avail.  They fear the country is on a fast track toward political suicide, and it appears that the people don’t want to return to constitutional principles.

The revolutionists turn to more drastic measures. They go underground and organize an exodus of like-minded people (a shadow revolution) to eighteen Western states.  They involve themselves in politics to gain ideological control of these respective legislatures for the purpose of seceding in one block to form the new Free States of North America.

Do they succeed in their quest, or do officials in the old United States discover their plot and squelch the entre scheme….?

Tune in later for Episode two to learn more.

LouIsa Cover PhotoIn the meantime, why not check out my recently released novel LouIsa—Iron Dove of the Frontier.  I think you will find LouIsa to be an interesting character. 

She is a well educated genteel woman with the femininity  most men want in a woman; but she can also wrangle dogies with the best of cowboys, and fight as adeptly as roughest of gutter rats, then change into her finest gown and be perfectly comfortable with Vassar graduates. 

Currently on sale at www.amazon.com in Kindle and print versions.

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Shadow Revolution Final e-book cover
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