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Obama’s Imminent Success At Fundamentally Transforming America—Something We Might Ought To Think About

Will Edwinson PhotoIs Obama approaching complete success of his 2008 pledge to fundamentally transform America?  I believe he is. I believe the transformation is more nearly complete than we realize, or care to admit, and I believe his reign may bring to fruition, the labors of a movement that began  a hundred years ago.

When a president says: “If Congress won’t act,  I will,” and takes it upon himself to issue Executive Orders to support his personal agenda, those are not the words and actions  of a president who respects the U.S. Constitution and the separation of powers.  They are those of a would-be king, and that is, in my mind, what BO’s transformation pledge was all about—that of bringing the U.S. full circle back around to a full monarchy.

With the power of Executive Orders that the office of president has been granted these past one hundred years, I have no doubt that if a president were so inclined, he could institute Martial Law and suspend elections, thus making himself president, and ruler, for life (and given this current acting president’s blatant disrespect for the Constitution, it would be no surprise to me  if he were the one to do it).

Utah Senator Mike Lee has written a compelling book entitled Our Lost We The PeopleConstitution: The Willing Subversion of Our Founding Document. In one of the chapters it explains the difference between legislative law and administrative law.  Article 1. of the Constitution states that: “All legislative Powers  herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States,” which basically means the power of all legislation remains with the people through their elected representatives who are answerable to the people at the ballot box. The “separation of powers” charges the president with enforcing those laws—not changing them as he sees fit, or writing new laws.

If the people felt that laws  passed by the Congress endangered their God given liberties, they had redress  by voting them out of office. Trouble is, Congress figured a way to remove accountability from themselves by passing the buck to bureaucrats.  They instilled these bureaucrats with the power to write administrative law, and, also, to the president, through Executive Orders.

That opening sentence of article 1. of the Constitution was  pretty  much  adhered to up until the early 1900s when the roots  of the Progressive movement became deeply embedded  in our system, and administrative law reared its ugly head.  As I understand it, basically how administrative law works in lieu of legislative law is, Congress passes a law, such as say, the Clean Air Act, which when simply stated, mandates clean air.  This same law creates an agency to which Congress  assigns  over to  bureaucrats, the task of writing the rules for said agency. In many cases, these rules are very excessive and punitive.

These same agencies have been granted the authority of judge, jury and executioner. The agency  bureaucrats  are virtually answerable to no one.  They are unelected, and are quite often, lifetime employees of the federal government. We, the people, have no direct redress against them, except through litigation, and because litigation is often excessively expensive, these bureaucrats know they are virtually untouchable.

The U.S., in my estimation, is at a critical cross roads in her history because of the last two presidential elections. I think there are two dangerous cancers that have emerged in our government. One, of which, I believe, is an illegitimate puppet president who is hell bent on dismantling the Constitution through his Executive Orders, thereby putting us on a runaway fast track back to a repressive monarchy .

The other danger is a milquetoast Congress who will not push back against this so-called president,  and have abdicated their legislative power over to agency bureaucrats.    Just as in Alexander Tyler’s circle of bondage scenario, I believe  we are in the dependency phase he described, which is only one step away from the bondage we broke away from in 1776.

Unfortunately, today, there are too many people in the country  who worship the government  as God, to which they turn for solving their problems.  There’s an old saying:  “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”.

I think we are about to get what I believe a great number of people in this country are wishing for; a full fledged all powerful centralized government. I believe BO has largely been able to get away with his antics because those in Congress(both so-called Republicans—and Democrats, alike) are poltroons afraid of being branded as racists if they challenge him.

The danger, as I see it, is that even after BO is gone(if he in fact decides to bow out) future Congresses, due to Constitutional illiteracy,  will likely continue to give future presidents and bureaucrats the same latitude, thus doing away with the Constitutional “separation of powers”,  and returning us to monarchial status of full bureaucratic and administrative law.

I believe we will effectively  make this full circle back into a monarchy, because  future presidents, whether they run  under the banner of Republican or Democrat, will welcome this new power delegated to them by fiat.  I very much doubt that future presidential or congressional candidates who hold to campaigning on strict Constitutional principles will ever be successful in getting elected, because the media will be successful in branding them as right-wing radical kooks, and  unfortunately, as I see it, future generations of voters  will not be taught the true principles of the Constitution and vision of the Founding Fathers.  Through no fault of their own,  they will not understand the Founders’ belief in the necessity of separation of powers.  I lament what the Progressives have succeeded in doing to our country, but on the other hand, not surprised.  It goes back to Old Testament 1st. Samuel. God set this country up with a People’s Law(power to the people) but we seem to be crying out for a king. It’s human nature.

Shadow Revolution Final e-book cover


Those of you who are regular followers of this blog know that I have been previewing my new novel SHADOW REVOLUTION. This might be a good time to insert episode seven of that preview because the storyline dovetails with the subject of this blog post.  Let me take a few words to set the scene.

Excerpt one: the opening sentence of the Preface:

“Those who would ignore history are doomed to relive it.”


The premise of the story is that certain people have had it with the way the country is going, and decide to do something about it.

In this episode we pick up the story at the time the country has been experiencing several major glitches on the World Wide Web during the past several weeks causing major life-style problems for everybody. No one seems to have an explanation for why these incidents are occurring.

The discussion that follows is between two media persons; Bobby Lambert, the quintessential conservative radio talk show host, and Sam Dickerson, the quintessential media liberal.

Excerpt two:

…These incidents, and what seemed to be a shift in the population to the West, were the topics of discussion for the entire hour of the Sunday Morning Roundtable show with Sam Dickerson, Cindy Brockman, Don Raider, Peter Jaimeson, and special guest Bobbyy Lambert….

…Sam Dickerson in all his Euro-socialist wisdom, refused to concede that anything out of the ordinary was happening.  “You people are trying to make mountains out of molehills,” he kept telling them.  “What’s been happening is everyday ordinary stuff you have to be prepared to deal with in this high-tech world.  If it were anything more than that, our government officials would tell us, and besides that, they’ll soon get a handle on in the matter and bring it under control.”

“That’s your solution, Sam?  Let the government take care of it?”  Bobby asked.

“Certainly.  The government is better prepared than anyone to deal with this high-tech stuff, or any problem for that matter.  That’s the primary role of government.”

Bobby was incredulous.  “You’re supposed to be an intelligent and educated man, Sam.  I can’t believe how naïve you are for crying out loud!  Your lack of understanding of the basic tenets and principles of our Constitution astound me.  Let’s look at what’s happened since the 1960s.  Prior to that time, this country was rolling along quite well.  We had full employment, very little inflation, budget surpluses, low taxes, and few stifling regulation of businesses or our personal freedoms.”

He continued his spiel.  “True there was some discrimination against certain people that needed to be dealt with, but for the most part, everyone was happy, and if government had confined its meddling to just dealing with the discrimination problem, things would still be great in this country.

“It was in the mid 1960s with the advent of the so-called Great Society that things began to fall apart.  Every time the government tries to solve one problem, it creates two or more in its place, and I’m going to tell you something else, Sam.  When a government tries to be too benevolent, it ends up enslaving the people.”

“That’s nonsense, Rusty.”

“Is it, Sam? Power corrupts.  Look at the Bible as an historical account of what happened in the days it was being lived.  The Israelites became enslaved because they accepted a few niceties in the beginning from the Egyptians. . . .    . . .Then closer to our own time, you will recall Germany’s economy was in shambles after the first World War, and Hitler promised great things for the German people if only they would make him their chancellor.  We all know what happened there.

“Then there was the Bolshevik Revolution.  They were going to make everything right and end the class distinction in Russia that had prevailed for centuries under the Czarist regimes.  Everybody would be treated equally.  They sure as hell were!  Everyone except the party bosses was horribly oppressed—equally.  The same thing will happen here if we continue to transfer power to Washington.  One thing is sure, Sam, if free people wish to remain free, they should not turn to their government for help; they instead, should run as fast, and as far from so-called government aid as they possibly can.  Keep in mind the words of former President Reagan: ‘The ten scariest words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.’ ”

End excerpt.

You can read more about this new novel, SHADOW REVOLUTION, by clicking on the “In The Works” page at the top of this website.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Tune in again soon for episode eight preview.


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