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HeadShot_burnedGreetings, folks.  Well, I turned 80 last week,  and up until then I refused to admit that I was actually a senior citizen.  I had always maintained that designation was reserved for old people, but now I think it’s time to admit that maybe I am entering the ranks of an old codger.  I came to realize this while doing a little yard maintenance. I don’t have the strength or stamina I once had.  What used to weigh five pounds now feels like ten or fifteen pounds. My joints aren’t quite as limber as they once were, and my muscles seem to stove up after I’ve been in one position for a bit too long.  I run out of steam much earlier than I use to. The mind is willing, but the body rebels.  🙂

But what really made me realize that I’m from an entirely different era was when my seven year old grandson was trying to teach me how to play Pac-Man, or how to build things in MineCraft.  In Pac-Man for instance, PaPa was wiped out seconds after leaving the gate. I’m just not into the world of this high tech stuff.  It shows up again when I’m trying to market my novels in this day and age of techies.

I’m beginning to sense the same comparison of  myself to that given to the seemingly obsolescent farm equipment used my younger days.  While yesterday’s farm power is still functional, it’s considered obsolete by today’s standards(just like me).  🙂  I’m not quite as efficient as the younger folks or the new modern farm equipment.  With the new modern equipment, the same amount of acreage that used to take a month to plant in the spring, can be planted in a week today.  However, the older equipment was simple to use and maintain. TD-14 Crawler Tractor II Today, one needs to be a computer geek to plant a crop.  John Deere Quad tracWe used to sit out in the open where we could observe the Red Tail Hawks circling about looking for their next meal,  we could listen to the slow pur of the engine as it labored under its load. Now days the low idle speeds of the engines are faster than the high idle of the older models.

Massey-Harris 21 CombineJohn Deere Rotary CombineWe could listen to the squawk of the Sea Gulls as they followed the tractor and implements while picking up worms and bugs, and even moles pulled to the surface by the tillage tools.  Now days operators are enclosed in a climate controlled, sound-proof cab, surrounded by computer screens.

Laptop ComputerI mentioned earlier, this new high tech world of marketing books.  It sure ain’t like it used to be in the old days.  Back then one searched for an agent, and if you were lucky enough t find one, and your book got picked up by a traditional publisher, they(the publisher) did the main thrust of marketing for you.  Not so today.

Traditional publishers are falling by the wayside like dead flies.  More and more authors are publishing independently, which means they have to do a much larger share of the marketing of their books.  Social networking plays a very large part in this marketing process, and that’s where old  duffers like me have their difficulties.  We’re somewhat functionally obsolete, at least that’s true in my case.  So, that’s why I’m finally admitting that I guess I’ll have to join the ranks of senior citizens.  I was born 50 years too early to grasp, or even get excited by this high tech stuff.  I’ll leave the Social Network marketing to the young set and do what John Grisham did with his first novel, resort to selling my books from the trunk of my car and from personal appearances.

Speaking of marketing, the flyer below gives a short synopsis of my latest book. You can also visit amazon.com, go to books and click on Will Edwinson, and see the other books I have available.  SHADOW REVOLUTION and LOUISA are both available in e-book versions and print versions.  SHADOW REVOLUTION is a revised reprint of HALCYON REVOLUTION, which is now out of print. Buddy is only available in print version.  All of the books are available at Barnes&noble.com, as well.  I hope you will give them a read.  Thanks.



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