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Our Acting And Disingenuous President—The Eyes Are The Window Into The Soul

They say the eyes are the window into a man’s soul.  Look into the eyes in this image.  Are they the eyes of an honest man?  They are certainly the eyes of a determined man. A few days ago, Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) wrote a piece in the AMAC newsletter asking our acting president to speak out against the shooting of policemen that have been occurring throughout the country lately. I wrote a response to that article in the comment section.  I have repeated it here.

Mr. Weber:

Paule is absolutely on target with his comment concerning this piece, and I fully concur. You are very naïve, Mr. Weber, if you think appealing to BO about this problem will accomplish anything. Call me a conspiracy theory nut if you will, but I’d like to pose a few questions for your members to ponder. Could what we are witnessing today, be the successful, on track, “fundamental transformation of America” that BO promised during his campaign back in 2008? Could it be that he won’t do anything to abate this current problem, because he is nothing more than a puppet on strings and his puppeteers are the purveyors of the problem?

Guy Odom wrote a book about twenty years ago entitled America’s Man on Horseback. If you were to read that book, I think you might have a better understanding of what might be happening in the country right before our eyes. In his book, one of the tactics Mr. Odom mentions is that anarchists, in order to  create anarchy, start by stirring up enough chaos and unrest to where the people will cry out for the government to do something about it. Could that be what is happening in America today?

Might these riots and police shootings across the country be according to a pre-conceived plan? Are BO and his puppeteers waiting for the day when the people will rise up and demand the government do something about it? Could they be setting the stage for America’s Man on Horseback to ride in on his great white horse and save the day? If so, would that be these puppeteers’ green light to declare a national crisis, and the excuse to put the country under Martial Law until the crisis is past, thus setting the stage for a monarchial dictatorship in the U.S? Could such a scenario play out within the next year prior to the next presidential election? Think about that.

BO and his puppeteers, in my mind, hate this country and what it stands for. That’s why they want to “fundamentally transform” America. Unfortunately, there are too many people in the country who have blindly bought into this dogma, and are willing to turn the country into a quasi-third world welfare state. Sadly, our government is rife with corruption starting with the White House, to the Congress, and even the Judiciary.   I fear President Reagan’s “shining beacon on the hill” is rapidly fading unless we soon come to our senses and get our act together. Those who choose to ignore history are doomed to relive it (remember Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedung in our own time). Our Constitution, the real law of the land, is hanging by a thread.  (End of AMAC response).

Constitution SigningTo continue on, take a good look and the picture to the right, folks..  It is a 20 x 30 foot painting by Howard Chandler Christy depicting the signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787 (225 years ago this month).  This painting first took its place in the United States Capitol Rotunda on May 29, 1940.  It now hangs in the east grand stairway in the House of Representatives.

Take note of the caption at the bottom of the painting. It reads: “The Constitution is the guide which I will never abandon.” —George Washington.

What a shame that BO, the majority of Congress (both Republicans and Democrats), the Supreme Court, and a large segment of our population don’t feel the same reverence toward this document.  It’s the greatest document, with God’s help, ever devised by man for the guidance of mankind, and we’re running it through the paper shredder on a daily basis. I fear for my grandchildren and the life we may be leaving them because of our irresponsibility and apathy.

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