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Our Fraudulant President and Milquetoast Congress–A Guest Post by Rube

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings fellow readers.  Rube has another beef he wants to share with you about our so-called Commander in Chief, and our Milquetoast  Congress. So as usual, without further adieu, here’s Rube.







Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design


Howdy folks. Well, Thanksgivin’ is behind us now, and I  reckon as how most of them “Black Friday” shoppers is all done in from the mayhem of that hectic day.  Now, I reckon as how it’s time we turn our thoughts  to more serious matters, because I’m a thinkin’ we Americans are in a heap of trouble.  I reckon as how we have a fraudulent man occupyin’ the White House and actin’ as our president; and we have  a milquetoast Congress. When I say fraudulent president, I mean there is strong evidence that he is not a natural born citizen, which technically makes him ineligible ta be our president.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case posse did a very extensive and through official investigation(at the request of several Maricopa County residents) of Mr. BO’s so-called long form Hawaii birth certificate and that investigation uncovered very strong evidence that it is a computer generated forgery, and the milquetoast Congress didm’t have no courage to do anythin’ about it.

Now I never went past eighth grade in school, but that don’t mean I ain’t educated.  I reckon as how I probably know more about the Constitution than ninety-five percent of them members of Congress and all them government bureaucrats, and the news people what works for CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the LA Times. But even at that, I reckon as how it don’t take too much knowledge of the Constitution to be ahead of them folks. And I reckon as how the results of that investigation alone, should have triggered impeachment proceedin’s by the House of Representatives to see if a criminal trial in the Senate was warranted. Instead Sheriff Arpaio’s findin’s got buried by the media and we people never heard nothin’ about it.

I reckon has how that  Mr. BO feller understands the Constitution, but he don’t have no respect fer it.  He thumbs his nose at it and does whatever he dang well pleases just like a king or dictator, and them wimps in Congress don’t have the will or the courage to do nothin’ about that, neither.

Now he’s a thumbin’ his nose at the will of the people after they elected a majority of so-called Republicans to Congress on November 4th of this year and starts actin’ like a  spoiled little six year old defiant brat walkin’ around in a fifty year old body and throwin’ a temper tantrum when he don’t git his own way.  He as good as told the people, “go to hell, so you elected a Republican Congress.  So what, I’m a gonna do it my way, anyway. ” I don’t hear no hew and cry from the people about that, neither.

Take the latest happenin’s with immigration, fer instant.  Twenty two times by his own admission, he says he don’t have no authority to grant amnesty to them illegal aliens, but he goes ahead and does it anyhow.  Why ain’t them wimps in Congress standin’ up on their hind legs and shoutin’ enough is enough?  He tromps on their Constitutional authority with a vengeance, and they goes crawlin’ away like whipped little puppy dogs with their tails between their legs. They’re just like the cowardly lion in the story Wizard of Oz.  They ain’t got no courage–or they’re just plain dumb.

You know what I’m really afeard of, folks?  I’m afeard that many of them so-called Republicans that got elected this November were Progressive Republicans, and not real republicans like Thomas Jefferson.  Now I reckon as how some Democrats are a laughin’ up their sleeves right about now, and a thinkin’ I’m some kind of dumbbell   about Mr. Jefferson bein’ a republican, but he really was, folks.  He was a republican patriot, not a Republican politician.  There is a difference, you know.

Them Democrats like to brag about the fact that Thomas Jefferson founded the Democrat Party, but that ain’t the real true story, folks—not the Democrat party we know today, anyhow. The fact of the matter is the party that became the Democrat party was formed in 1792 by Jefferson supporters who began by usin’ the name Republican, or Jeffersonian Republicans.

The original name for the party was the Democratic-Republican Party. They wanted to emphasize its anti-aristocratic policies.   Mr. Jefferson’s form of democracy pushed fer states’ rights, civil liberties, limited executive authority,  strict interpretation of the Constitution, and limited regulation of business and commerce. The party became the Democrat Party by changin’ its name to Democrat during Andrew Jackson’s presidency during the 1830s and began its leftward progressive socialist drift to what it is today.  By the 1900s the party had purty much abandoned its original principles in favor of more government oversight and regulation of business and economic affairs; especially after the great Depression in 1929.  The Republican Party as we know it today, was formed as a spin off from the old Whig Party and others.

Another part of BO’s fraud Accordin’ to Dr. Jack Wheeler, is that he is not a descendant of slaves like he keeps a sayin’ he is.  He didn’t have a single ancestor that was a slave.  Instead, accordin’ to Dr. Wheeler,  BO’s Arab ancestors were slave owners.  Slave trading was the Arab business in East Africa until the Brisish ended it. His only connection to African slaves was through his grandmother who was a Luo.

In conclusion,  I reckon as how you don’t have to be on a Southern plantation to be a slave. If you’re on government entitlements, you just have a different slave master.

See ya nest time.


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