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Pa Pa The Dunce–Episode II

HeadShot_burnedA few days ago, I wrote a segment about Pa Pa the Dunce concerning how my seven year old grandson was trying to teach me the intricacies of the Mine Craft games.  Well, this week we have—or rather, he has—moved on to “Star Wars Commander,”  again leaving Pa Pa at ye ole hitching post scratching his head.

He was showing me his training center where his warriors were getting there battle training.  “Unfortunately, Pa Pa,” he said, “my warriors need a little more training.  They aren’t doing so well.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” I said. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Aidan's Star Wars Headquarters

Headquarters and training center

Then, we visited his headquarters and the factory where the weapons of war are made.  He showed me the various weapons, the troop transports, and other equipment.   About the transports, he told me those were necessary because it’s too far his soldiers to march from one planet to another, “so I need these transports,.” he said.  From there we moved on and he showed me the battleground where all these battles take place.  After a very long and detailed dissertation of the entire subject of Star Wars Commander warfare, came the proverbial question, “Did you understand that, Pa Pa?”

This was followed with my proverbial response, “No.”

I suppose by now you’re asking yourselves, what’s the big deal?  Why is he telling us all this? It’s a typical Aidan's Battleground Ikid’s game that any person with the slightest modicum of intelligence should be able to figure out.

Well, for Pete’s sake, folks, gimmie a break. It may be kid’s stuff to you, but when it comes to these electronic games, I’m a mental retard. I’m still enjoying the first game that came on his I-pod two or three years ago—Angry Birds!  That’s more my speed. It’s a great adrenalin rush  to  see how many blocks I can knock down with one shot.

Aidan's Battleground III

One of the battlegrounds

Last night, at the dinner table, Aidan and his dad were discussing upgrades to higher levels of the game (Aidan is at level four, his dad is at level six) and other sundry things.  Now, keep in mind, folks, this youngster is seven years old.  He was contributing to the conversation like an adult old pro, telling his dad that if did this or that; this or that would happen.  His dad agreed. .They may just as well have been speaking in Greek, because  I didn’t understand a word of what they were talking about.  Oh…woe is me.:)

Again, as Rube would say: “See ya next time.”


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