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Pa Pa The Dunce

HeadShot_burned“Hey! Pa Pa, you wanna see what I’m making in Mine Craft?”

“Sure,” I say.

“Okay, Come on over here and I’ll show you.”

So I mosey on over and sit down beside him on the couch. With his controller in hand he begins the lesson.  He proceeds to show me the ropes of moving around in Mine Craft(or at least he thinks he’s  showing me the ropes). My 80 year old brain just doesn’t grasp this computer stuff and my eyes begin to glaze over after about the first three minutes.

His little seven year old fingers are going ninety miles per, manipulating the control buttons, building a castle with swimming pools, boat docks, watch towers, and the likes all while he’s very seriously rattling off instructions to me on how to do this. He builds a mote around the perimeter of his castle for protection that he’s filled with hot molten lava.  He builds green pastures surrounding the castle and fills them with sheep.  He creates wolvess that come after the sheep, then after a very long dissertation, he asks in the same tone that I imagine his second grade teacher asks after she has explained a new concept to the class, “Did you understand all that, Pa Pa?”

I’m sitting in a mind numbed daze.  “No,” I say.

He looks at me with a sly grin.  “Okay,” he says, “I’ll go over it again.”  So after another equally long dissertation and demonstration, he asks me again,  “Did you understand it that time,  Pa Pa?”Aidan explaining to Pa Pa

Again, I say, “No.”

He looks at me with a bewildered look on his face, and  says, “Oh…Pa Pa, It’s so easy, how come you don’t understand?”

I say, “It might seem easy to you little man, but it’s all Greek to me.” 🙂

“What’s Greek, Pa Pa?”

I laugh.  “Just a figure of speech.”

“Oh,” he says.  Then he laughs, gets off the couch, picks up his pointer and proceeds to go over to the TV.  With pointer in hand, he begins explaining what all the symbols on the screen mean as I sit there, eyes glazed over in dumb wonderment.

Aidan the InstructorThen he says to me, “You wanna see the camera I made in Mine Craft?”  Folks, I’m not even going to attempt the details of explaining to you what he showed me about his Mine Craft camera.  The irony of it all is that his dad who was sitting there while Aidan explained this to me, and who makes his living writing computer programs himself, confirmed that this young budding Thomas Edison, or Alexander Graham Bell had a pretty good grasp of what he was explaining to me.

When he finished, he asks again, “did you understand that, Pa Pa?”

And again, my answer had to be ,”No.”

A big sigh emanates, followed by a, “Oh, Pa Pa.”

“Well,” I said, “Pa Pa can’t help it if he is such a Dunce.”

He laughs, and says, “Oh, Pa Pa, you’re not a dunce.”

I grin and say, “Okay, my little man, if you say so.”

But after the battle with my new cell phone I described last week,  I’m not so sure I’m not a dunce. I remember my first encounter with computers back Old IBN ms-dos computerbefore Windows and menu driven commands.  I had signed up for a Farm Management class through Idaho State University. The computers we were using were the old ms-dos  processors where you had to type in each command.  I had a mental block with those.

That was also in the days when computers suffered some kind of crash about every other day or so.  I remember I wanted to search something and I went to the University to conduct this search.  The gal there got me set up and started.  She then told me that when I was through there were several steps I needed to go through in order to shut down the computer I was using.  She was very emphatic that if I made a misstep along the way, I could crash the entire University network. Well, I must say this was less than encouraging news for a neophyte like me.  With help from the person sitting next to me, I did manage to get things shut down without inducing a major crash.

But I digress.  Back to my encounter with the new cell phone. I did, however, figure out on my own with help from no one, how to change the ringer signal on this new phone, so maybe there is still hope for the capability of my little grey cells, after all.  But with Mine Craft? No way.  In spite of what Aidan says, I’m afraid I’m still a dunce.  🙂

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and as Rube would say,  see ya next time.


P.S.  I had originally mentioned in this piece that foxes chased the sheep.  Aidan had read it in its entirety and he informed me their are no foxes in Mine Craft, only wolves, so I changed it to wolves. 🙂

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