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Moon Phases and Grandfather Clocks

Calendar Image

Photo image of calendar courtesy of digitalart from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Grandfather Clock

Have you ever noticed how some traditions seem to be falling by the wayside?  I was walking the other morning and noticed what appeared to be a full moon still hanging quite high in the western sky.  I was interested to see if in fact it was a full moon or if it still had a way to go.  I reached into my shirt pocket for my pocket calendar to check the date of the full moon, and much to my dismay, there were no moon phases listed… Continue reading

Writer vs. Storyteller

2004-04-09 Writer I

Will Edwinson–Writer

2004-04-09 Story Teller I

Will Edwinson Story Teller with Grandson

There are writers, and there are storytellers.  What’s makes the two different? I have my own take on that.  First of all let me make it clear that the point of this blog is not to diminish the importance of the syntax part of writing   A good story teller must also be a good writer.

To me, the difference between the two is a matter of style.  One takes a very structured approach with a an outline and a plot plan;  the other… Continue reading

A Bit of a Change

TD 14A Crawler

International TD 14 Crawler Tractor

As I was shaving this morning, and wondering about today’s blog topic, I began reminiscing in my mind about how farming techniques have changed over the years and how we planted the dry farm crops in the Southeast Idaho highlands when I was a teen-ager, as compared to how it’s done today.   It was during the mid to late 1940s that I began to help with fieldwork on the dry farm.  By that time, we thought we had come into the ultimate in the  modern era of farming. … Continue reading

“Quicksilver”(A Guest Post from Rube)

Rub’s 1941 Black Ford Pickup truck



Greetings, friends.  Well, old Rube is back with another of his insights.

Howdy, folks. It’s me, Old Rube, a talkin at ya agin.  I introduced  m’self awhile back when I told you bout old Gertrude, my 1941 Black Ford Pickup truck.  Will an’ me have been  friends fer a long while, and he has agreed to let me say my piece from time to time on his blog.  So it looks as how I’ll be a regular contributor ever oncet… Continue reading

The Whole 9 Yards

ID-10010989 RAF WWII Spitfire

Image courtesy Bernie Cordon/FreeDigitalphotos.net

I learned something new at the Rexburg, Idaho World War II Flight Museum.  Well…maybe not really.  Maybe it was just one of those stories, that after it gets told enough times, it becomes gospel.  But anyway, a few years ago, I drove from Pocatello, Idaho, up to the small community of Rexburg, Idaho,  to visit the flight museum.  It was a slow day at the museum, so the gentleman on the desk came around as I was browsing the exhibits and asked if I had any questions.  I… Continue reading

Interesting experience

Yesterday, July 5,  I stopped at one of the local banks to pay my credit card bill (I’m old fashioned, I still like to use paper checks and pay in person)  and I received a bit of a surprise.  I really don’t think it had anything to do with my previous blog about old fashioned manners, but the timing was interesting.

The young lady (I’d guess her to be early twenties) took my payment information and entered it into her computer.  She then looked directly at me and asked: “Do you mind if I call you… Continue reading

Old Fashioned Manners—Where Have They Gone?*

Handshake phoo

Some of my past posts have focused  on nostalgia and how things used to be. I’m sticking to that theme with this post as well, but in a little different vein.  My remarks are not meant to be critical; piteous, perhaps, but not critical.  My purpose is only to compare certain things as they occurred in the past to what I observe happening today.

 For the last several years, I’ve noticed a certain degree of familiarity toward elder customers by young working people in their late teens and early twenties.  Some… Continue reading

The Old Blame Game(A Rube guest post)

2004-02-27 09.37.35

Rube’s 1941 Black Ford pickup truck


Greetings, friends.

For those of you who are not regular followers of this blog, Rube is an old friend of mine from way back in our childhood days.  He didn’t go past eighth grade so his speech is a bit unpolished, but because he comes up with some interesting takes on different situations, I agreed to grant him the opportunity to guest post on this blog, so he will be doing regular posts from time to time.  I don’t edit his posts, because if I did, Rube would… Continue reading


There’s an old saying that says: “You can’t go back.”  While this may be true, literally, I think there are times when we’d all like to go back; back to simpler days. Days when people solved their problems on their own instead of turning to government or the courts.  It seems of late, all we hear on the news is how more and more people are lobbying Washington for more laws and regulations. I remember the time when people lobbied government for less regulation and laws, instead of more.

 In spite of being… Continue reading

The Blacksmith

Blacksmith Photo

Photo courtesy of Bill Longshaw/FreeDigitalphotos.net

Some lessons in the life of a kid come with a bit of difficulty.  I remember one of the most difficult lessons, and yet one of the most rewarding for me, occurred when Dad dealt with me for an indiscretion I had committed against a fine old gentleman of our village. The man’s name was Adolph. He was a man of few words—especially around kids. We perceived this as being gruff and unfriendly.   Fact is, he was probably one of the kindest, most gentle of men you would ever meet.

It all started… Continue reading

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