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This High Tech Stuff Is For The Birds—A Guest Post by Rube

Will Edwinson PhotoWell folks, It seems Rube is having some frustrations with his Trac-Phone cell phone.  I’ll let him tell you about them.  So without further adieu, here’s Rube.







Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy folks:

I gotta tell you, I ain’t much into this fancy tech world.  I got one of them Trac-Fones so I can talk to Will once in a while.  Now I reckon as how I  gotta hand it to them Trac-Fone folks; they ain’t no dummies. … Continue reading

Another American Revolution? A Guest Post by Richard Larsen


Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings fellow blog followers.  I have a guest post from an Idaho colleague of mine,  Richard Larsen.  Rick has read Shadow Revolution and has offered a few reflective comments that I thought you might enjoy.  I thought he did a nice job of comparing the story to what is happening in our country today.

Rick is a political columnist for the Idaho State Journal, and his columns are also often picked up by national online newsletters, Conservative Daily News and Western Journalism, as well. So without further adieu, here’s Rick.


The… Continue reading


Shadow Revolution Final e-book coverWelcome to episode ten of SHADOW REVOLUTION PREVIEW. ENJOY!

….Bert Paxton, chief engineer of broadcast operations, glanced up at the clock.  It was 9:10 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, July 3, 2010. Everything at Network broadcast headquarters in New York was rolling along quite smoothly. Suddenly all monitors went blank.  Bert yelled out in alarm. “Why have we got dead air? Get that signal back on the air, and I mean right now!” Dead air space was a cardinal sin in the broadcast business, and anyone responsible for that usually lost his job.

Cathy Thursby, assistant operations engineer, was… Continue reading

Episode eight of SHADOW REVOLUTION preview

Shadow Revolution Final e-book cover Greetings, friends.  The preview of SHADOW REVOLUTION continues with an excerpt from Chapter Thirteen.  


The cabinet room hummed with speculation and anticipation. President Holmes had let it be known beforehand that a matter of special importance would be on the agenda today. He arrived a couple of minutes before the scheduled meeting-time and called the meeting to order promptly at… Continue reading

Episode seven

Will Edwinson Photo

Shadow Revolution Final e-book coverWell, as promised, here we are at episode seven of the SHADOW REVOLUTION preview.  Pasted below is an excerpt from chapter eleven.  Enjoy.

Robert Stratford was surprised to hear his doorbell ring at 10:00 pm.  Who would be calling on me at this hour? He had instructed his colleagues that he was available for any situation up until 9 p.m. Beyond that hour, was his private time, and they had all respected this directive. A sense of wariness filled him as he approached the front door of his Boise apartment. When he opened it he faced six… Continue reading

Them Ignoramuses In The Mainstream TV News Networks Are At It Again—A guest post by Rube

Will Edwinson Photo

Greetings, blog followers.  Rube asked to weigh in with another of his commentaries, so as usual, with no further adieu, here’s Rube.






Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy agin, folks.  Well, I reckon as how them ignoramus TV anchors over at the mainstream news networks are  a showin’ their ignorance agin.  A friend of mine here in Ideeho told me about a  news clip he saw on one of the mainstream news networks where them folks was a discussin’ what… Continue reading

Obama’s Imminent Success At Fundamentally Transforming America—Something We Might Ought To Think About

Will Edwinson PhotoIs Obama approaching complete success of his 2008 pledge to fundamentally transform America?  I believe he is. I believe the transformation is more nearly complete than we realize, or care to admit, and I believe his reign may bring to fruition, the labors of a movement that began  a hundred years ago.

When a president says: “If Congress won’t act,  I will,” and takes it upon himself to issue Executive Orders to support his personal agenda, those are not the words and actions  of a president… Continue reading



Episode six.

Will Edwinson PhotoShadow Revolution Final e-book coverThe overreach of the oppressive federal government continues

Part Three of the story

Excerpts from chapter eight:

Idaho State Treasurer Lyda Evans and the state comptroller, Justin Wilson, perused the morning computer printouts of the state finances. They were interrupted by a buzz on Lyda’s intercom.

“Mrs. Evans, there is a gentleman here in my office who says he is from the Securities and Exchange Commission and insists on seeing you right away.”

“Does he say what he wants to see me about?”

“I asked him, but he insists on speaking only with you.”

Lyda’s, tone of… Continue reading

SHADOW REVOLUTION Preview–episode five

Episode Five

Shadow Revolution Final e-book coverWill Edwinson PhotoGreetings fellow blog followers.  Well, we continue the saga of  the SHADOW REVOLUTION preview with episode five.

Maura O’keefe, Titus’ love interest, is introduced into the story and comes onboard to help with the campaign.

An excerpt from chapter six.

Titus watched as Maura O’Keefe drove into the car agency parking lot. He thought about how much he liked and admired her. She was nearly 20 years his junior, but they still shared many things in common. They had met about a year earlier when he sold her a new car, and his… Continue reading


Shadow Revolution Final e-book cover

Will Edwinson PhotoBrian Manning has an ongoing battle with the IRS.

An excerpt from chapter five:

Brian Manning poured over the papers on his desk. When is this going to end? he thought, as he organized his papers for the scheduled meeting that was to take place later that morning with IRS agent Caleb Hayes. Everything they’ve asked for, I’ve given them. After three years they haven’t been able to find anything wrong, and yet they still persist.

He arrived at the IRS office right on schedule and greeted agent Hays’ secretary with a warm smile.

Woman on phone

Photo courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

“Good morning,… Continue reading

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