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Greetings followers.  Well, Rube is back with another of  his sage posts, so I’ll turn this space over to him.  Here’s rube.

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Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy Folks:

Quid pro quo : noun—somethin’ for somethin’. Is American politics becomin’  a  full blown quid pro quo system in the corrupt sense?  I reckon as how I’m beginnin’ to believe it is.  That feller on the Radio, Glenn Beck, said he is through bein’ a Republican.  Well, I reckon as how he ain’t the only one.  Ta my way a thinkin’,  them Republicans in leadership are just as much a problem as the Democrats, and I’m fed up clear ta my Adams Apple with them Republicans, too.   They remind me of the little second grade kid on the school playground who has a bag full of nice marbles and is picked on by the big playground bully.  The bully tells this little kid that if’n he gives him his marbles, he won’t pick on him no more(quid pro quo—somethin’ for somethin’).  The little kid gives him his marbles, but guess what, folks—yeah you’re right—the bully laughs at the kid and keeps on a pickin’ on him.

Well them Republicans in Congress is just like that little kid.  They’re supposed ta be the counter-balance to them radical left-wing extremist liberal Democrats in Congress. (Hey, if that Hillary Clinton lady can claim the right to call folks like me right wing extremists, then I claim the right to call people like her, left wing extremists)but I digress.  I reckon as how them establishment Republicans are a tryin’ ta curry favor with them folks in the news media so’s they’ll stop pickin’ on ‘em, and it ain’t doin’ ‘em no good.  I reckon as how them news people ain’t never gonna stop pickin’ on ‘em, or stop tellin’ lies about ’em, and I reckon as how them Republicans are too dang dumb ta git that through their big thick skulls.  Instead of doin’ what’s right fer the country, they’re just like that Bible character Esau.  They’re a tradin’ our birthright(liberty)for a bowl of lintel soup.

I reckon as how they think in order ta win more elections, they gotta give the people what they want, but I reckon as how they’re a listenin’ to the wrong people.  I’m a  thinkin’ the people they’re a listenin’ to don’t give a rats rear end about the good of the country; they’re only interested in how many more freebies they can talk the politicians into givin’ em.  No matter how many marbles the politicians give to them folks, the more they demand, and them Republicans  just keep on forkin’ over more marbles by cavin’ into the Democrats’ demands.

In the meantime,  I reckon as how they keep on ignorin’ people like me  and that Glenn Beck feller who can see that we’re a headed fer disaster in this country if we don’t change directions. Them establishment Republicans are lookin’ more like Democrats ever day.  They don’t care how big and pervasive goverment gits, as long as they are in charge of runnin’ it, so they pander to the “school yard bullies”(more quid pro quo), and we’re soon gonna run out of marbles.

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Now, quid pro quo ain’t a bad thing, folks, in it’s true context.  That’s what capitalism is all about.  Somethin’ for somethin’ where both sides benefit from the deal in an honest exchange.   I reckon as how there’s too much nefarious quid quo pro a goin’ on out there in our goverment. I reckon as how quid pro quo lately as far as our politicians is concerned,  has turned into “grease my palm, and I’ll give you what you want,”

What them Republicans has lost sight of is that the people who’s been  a votin’ fer ’em don’t want more big goverment, so people like me and Mr. Beck ain’t votin’ for ’em  no more, and they wonder why they ain’t winnin’ more elections.

They remind me of the old fable about the shepherd boy who cried wolf.  Them  Republicans cried wolf at the last election.  They campaigned on gettin’ the country back on track to what made it great in the first place, and the voters gave them another chance.  The first thing them Republican leaders did was cave in to the Democrats and that Obama feller, and gave ’em some more of their marbles because they was afraid them media folks and the Democrats would accuse them of gridlock.  Well, Lordy sakes, folks, gridlock ain’t bad think if it heads of disaster.  Instead, I reclon as how they traded,for that proverbial bowl of lintel soup that will be gone in a flash, the opportunity the voters gave them to try to straighten things out .  Esau was known to be a little slow in the head, and I reckon as how it appears, so is current Republican leadership.

They need to git  back to their roots,  and pay attention to the producin’ people in this country istead of panderin’ to the takers.  I don’t know if Republican leadership is as dumb as I’m a thinkin’ they are, or if they’re lookin’ for more palm greasin’.  I reckon as how if they keep a listenin’ to them Democrat pundits in the media they’re gonna keep on losin’ more and more elections.

I reckon as how them corrupt politicians in both political parties have taken the word quid pro quo to new heights, and it’s my thinkin’ that the somethin’ for somethin’ is fer the benefit of them politicians at the expense of the rest of us. My hope is them politicians(especially that Obama felleer) live long enough to live in the mess, themselves, that they is a creatin’ fer the rest of us.

See ya next time.


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