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Rube Talks About Sarah Palin(Guest Post)

2004-02-27 09.37.35http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Howdy folks.  It’s me agin, Rube.  I was gonna wait ’til next week to make another post, but somethin’ come up this past week that I just couldn’t wait to talk ’bout, so I asked Will if I could post agin this week. He said I could, so that’s what I done.

Did you see on the news the other day where that Sarah Palin lady is gonna be back on Fox News agin?  I think that’s great news.  She’s such a purty lady.  I mean puuur-ty,  an’ smart too.  Why…she’s as sharp as a carpet tacks, an’ I’m here ta tell ya, folks, I poked my thumb with one of them onced,  an’ they’re harp.  Real sharp.

Now them ciyty slicker newspaper folks thinks they got it all figgered out why Sarah left Fox News last January, but I’m a thinkin’ they’re dead wrong, I’m here ta tell ya.  They think it’s because that Roger Ailes feller who runs Fox News fired Mrs. Palin because she announced on one of them other networks that she weren’t gonna run for President.  Now, I ain’t no rocket scientist,  but it don’t take no rocket scientist to figger out the real reason why she left Fox News.  Mrs. Palin is a feisty little gal, and she don’t take no guff from nobody.  They don’t  call her the Lady Barracuda for nuthin’  The way I got it figgered, is the reason she left Fox News is because Mr. Ailes tried to muzzle what she wanted to say on Fox News just like that  dumbbell Mr. McCaine muzzled her durin’ the Presidential campaign they was a runnin’ a few years ago, an’ that’s why they lost. I’m tellin’ ya , if he’d of loosend her rein and given her her head, they’d of won that election in a landslide. She’s a whole lot smarter’n he is I’m a tellin ya.

So I got it figgered that she says to Mr. Ailes, okay Mr. Ailes, if”n that’s the way you want to play, I’m out of here.  And that’s what she done.  So them city slicker newspaper people got it figgered all wrong.  How do I know this, ya ask?  Well, just like that Sherlock Holmes feller says,  It’s elementary, Watson.

The newspaper reports said that Mr. Ailes says he hopes she speaks her mind when she comes back.  Well, Lordy sakes, folks.  that ‘s the dead give away!  It don’t take no rocket scientist to figger that one out.  It tells me right there that he was tryin’ muzzle her before, an’ she was havin’ none of it.  And I’d betcha Fox’s ratings wuz a  dropin’ off after she left, too.  So he seen the hand writin’ on the wall an’ coaxed her back.  Anyway, what ever the reason, I’m glad she’s back.

See ya next time.


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